Task 5: Pleasant Burning

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“Put on your favourite underwear, doesn’t matter whether it’s ugly or pretty, dig out your tiger balm and apply a small amount to your clit. Take a picture, get creative.”

Tiger balm! It’s been a while. I wondered what my favourite underwear was. My entire drawer is very boring and consists only of black thongs (2 white and 2 red ones) and black briefs. I do have a pink and black lace pair but I never wear them. See Lois eventually made me stop wearing any underwear and said she would have made me throw all my underwear out if it wasn’t for the fact that I need one when I change with my football team. So underwear… mhm… I never had any sort of feelings about them. Oh! What about my new pair, I love that one! I prefer crotchless underwear 😏

I had a lot of fun taking these pictures. I wasn’t sure how I could make these creative and I’m not sure I did, but I like the bottom one a lot because it looks like so many fingers are reaching for, or at the very least coming closer to my clit. The tiger balm itself almost feels pleasant to me. It does hurt a little but it’s more like a nice reminder that something is happening there.

Xx Mila

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  3. a mental switch

    Seeing the second picture….very delicious and beautiful … you can guess what a lot readers would like to do but they would literally burn themselves on you 😉

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