Task 26: Crotch Rope Harness

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“Make a rope harness that a crotch rope can be attached to.”

I got a bit behind on posting about the tasks Roxy set me, as this took place back in September. In fact, I wrote about the play we had with a similar harness here, but I never uploaded the pictures of this specific task. When she set me the task I immediately started overthinking it. A harness specifically for a crotch rope? Do those exist? I started googling but you generally find the same kind of rope harnesses when you look for tutorials and they are aesthetically pleasing and don’t focus on functionalities. In other words, the internet didn’t help me.

Task 26: Crotch Rope Harness

All pictures can be found on my Onlyfans here

I paused for a moment. Crotch ropes are really easy. It’s the one thing I’ve tied many times without needing a tutorial. Maybe I just needed to make a harness and attach it to the crotch rope? I just needed to make sure that the harness was stable and secure. A little while ago I found a tutorial for a tie someone made up, which looked incredibly secure so I decided to try that one.

As a welcomed surprise, it was an easy tie. I took my time with it because while it’s sometimes okay if a harness isn’t perfect when it’s just to take a pretty picture afterwards, I wanted this to be useable. As such, I was also determined to ensure the back of the tie worked out well. One rope wasn’t quite enough to once I ran out of blue, I added in red.

Task 26: Crotch Rope Harness

Task 26: Crotch Rope Harness

For the picture, I tied the crotch rope to my laundry drying rack to pretend it is a fully functioning crotch rope. Roxy liked the outcome of this but as it turns out, doesn’t like to see the same harness twice. Therefore, for our play she wanted me to tie yet another harness, which would have the same functionality. It was a bit of a shame because I don’t think I have ever tied such a secure harness again but on the other hand, it was quite tight and slightly less comfortable!

All pictures of this harness can be found on my Onlyfans here.

Xx Mila

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17 Replies to “Task 26: Crotch Rope Harness”

  1. collaredmichael

    Very cool. I think a crotch harness would be very “present” for women. That constant friction and pressure against your privates. It could be anything from pressure to pain. Looks good!

  2. MrsK

    You make this sound so easy. lol
    A harness is another great way to attach a crotch rope. Hip harnesses work great for that too.
    Roxy always keeps you on your toes though, that much is for sure. Lol

  3. Marie Rebelle

    Lovely images, and this makes me want to get back to tying again. I really should make time for that again. The blue and red rope work so well together!
    ~ Marie xox

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