Task 18: Spank your Bum Red

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“Get your bum red from some self spanking with a paddle (don’t forget to film it for your fans) and once you’ve done that, apply some baby oil and take a picture, I advise standing over a desk lamp with uplighting.”

Self-spanking, mhhmmm, that’s something I’ve done quite often recently. I have to say, it wasn’t particularly something I fancied doing again but it does have a lot more appeal when I have to do it. Especially for her.

The left butt cheek

My room was a bit of a mess so I decided to use the vacant room from my previous flatmate. I draped one of my blankets over the bed, put my camera up and action!

Starting with my left butt cheek felt a bit weird because I have to use my left arm. I had no idea how many I was going to do. It hurts when you start off and it always makes me feel like there’s no way I’m going to do more than 30. That means of course that 30 wouldn’t nearly be enough. It’s not pushing yourself if you stop at the doable number is it? So I kept going until I hit 50, with a few three-second breaks because my arm was getting tired and then did another 50, lol.

The right butt cheek

I then got up, moved the camera and held the paddle above my right butt cheek, ready to hit. That first hit hurt a lot more on this side. So did the second and the third and the fourth and so on… I wondered if this is because my right arm is stronger or because I’ve hit my right butt cheek too often recently. Maybe it’s a combination of both. Alas, 100 it was; I had to make it even.

The way I do it is just biting through the pain. I can sort of numb out a few hits in a row as if I’m holding my breath, which pauses my pain but then the hit is quite painful once I come out of that. And so is the next one and the one after that until I manage to go numb for a few seconds again. At the same time, when a hit is painful it’s harder to properly hit my butt the following time. I’m afraid, as I’m sure everyone else would be, of the pain. It’s hard to do it yourself!

As with my left arm, my right one got very tired, which changed the struggle from the pain to the exhaustion of my arm. I had to pause after the first 50 and lied down as if I bowed and took a little moment. I don’t think you can tell while I’m spanking but right afterwards that’s when the loss of energy comes through.

Another 50 on each side

I got up and checked my butt in the mirror; it looked quite red. Yet, somehow, I felt like I should push myself just a little more. She hadn’t said how many times she wanted me to spank myself. I started with the left butt cheek, which was a lot harder to do with my tired arm now and then followed it up with the right.

The result: a wet blanket… (oh, and a red butt, of course!) But damn it, my blanket! Does this mean I have to wash you now? I thought.

Oil makes the mark stand out beautifully. I don’t really know why I didn’t use oil before. Maybe it’s because I don’t like the feeling of oil on my hands? Who knows. I filmed this of course and this is the result. If you want to see the spanking video, you can find it here.


I rushed out of the vacant room and to a lamp instead. A desk lamp… hmmm. My desk lamp is sort of attached to my desk and therefore not one I can stand over (unless I get a chair, lol). Still, this seemed like the best light to use so I screwed it off my desk and sort of balanced it against the wall to try and get a picture. I’m not very good with lights, as you can see.

Instead, I was very keen to take a picture of my butt with low key lighting so I ran over to the living room (I have too much energy since I can’t play football and I like running through the house naked, weee!)

Task 18: Spank your Bum Red

Task 18: Spank your Bum Red

Xx Mila

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26 Replies to “Task 18: Spank your Bum Red”

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  2. ams

    Nicely done low-key pictures. Now I have to copy those too 😉 If I had to do so many self spanks I think my arm would give out before my butt.

  3. MrsK

    Very nicely done! Its super hard to spank yourself, especially that many times 🙂 I’ve tried. Haha.
    Great pics too, they really show the color difference.

  4. PurpleSole

    Well done on the self spanking, pictures love great too. I liked the idea of you running around with excitement with a red bum, made me laugh.

  5. Marie Rebelle

    I love that the baby oil makes the marks stand out so beautifully. That’s something I have to remember! That second pic is so dramatic. Love it!
    ~ Marie

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