I had the best time spontaneously taking pictures as the sun was shining brightly outside. The outside air touched my skin from the open window (and open curtains) without a care in the world. It had something primal and sexual, which reminds me of the queer party. I did end up having to duck when one of my neighbours came outside to go for a walk and then later, a car arrived right in front of my window so I Continue Reading →

The Perfect Bow

Wishing you a happy new year in advance! I took several pictures from this angle in this outfit and what caught my eye the most in this one was that the bow fell perfectly in place. It encaptures the final touch to a present, though I don’t see myself as such haha. I couldn’t choose this week, so this and this one are my two favourite pictures from last week. Check out other people’s entries this week by clicking on Continue Reading →

Staying Warm

Warm bath’s in winter are the way to go. Check out other people’s Sinful Sunday pictures by clicking on the lips below! (c) Do not use any of the material on this blog, pictures or content for any form of publication whether fiction, film, psychological research etc. without contacting me and asking me for my permission.

H is for Headstand with a Twist

Half an H H is for headstand I didn’t know I was capable of doing that Only worked on the first try- 10-second camera timer! Following Sinful Sunday Week 541’s prompt: the letter H I did also turn it into an H, but I liked the original better. Click on the lips below to see all the other blogger’s great pictures!   (c) Do not use any of the material on this blog, pictures or content for any form of Continue Reading →