Caught by a Rope Magician

Previous Post | Next Post Sometimes words are difficult and playing instead is exactly what I need. It’s how I first connected to Roxy and how I seem to find a kind of joy I haven’t experienced anywhere else. For as long as I can remember I have been interested in rope and getting tied. I’m not sure where the appeal comes from exactly, but Continue Reading →

Sensual Bondage Experience

A few weeks ago, my friend (I’ll call him J) who I had first met at a kink event came over. Contact had watered a bit during lockdown but apart from my surprise at his height, it felt like we might have just seen each other two weeks ago. He had brought candles, rope and stuff for electro play as I couldn’t decide what I’d Continue Reading →

Tied in Suspension for the First Time!

As a child, I used skipping rope for tying, or my leftover shoelaces. It was the easiest to accomplish being restraint. Handcuffs were only things the police used, right? When I got with my ex, we bought one 10-meter rope so we could make under the bed-restraints with it, not realising these exist on their own. We did it twice with rope, then found more Continue Reading →