I recently opened my own Clips4Sale account and have been trying out some self spanking, which is fun! I’ve now tried barehand spanking, paddle spanking and yesterday, I used a wooden spoon and this picture is the result. I can tell you I could feel it when I sat down, lol.
You can buy the wooden spoon spanking clip here.

Afterwards, I thought I’d have a go at pussy slapping too, haha.
You can buy the combined clip of the wooden spoon spanking and pussy slapping (plus the nice orgasm I had after) here.

My favourites Sinful Sunday Pictures from last week

10th May 2020 by Charlie X
This picture is eyecatching-or well, it certainly caught mine! To me, personally, it felt like we were we’re shown a masculine side through the trousers and the confident pose and relaxed way his arm casually slips inside and the feminine side through the rather attractive lace panties (which, he has told me are in fact men’s pants). The black and white give this picture serenity, which allows us to focus on the subject and I really like that.

Haiku on Haiku by Focused and Filthy
I really like the idea of writing a haiku on skin and it looks so artful on her body in this picture. The haiku itself is so apt and at the same time, quite the opposite of what the picture portrays, as it looks so calm, whereas the text says she squirms. I love the warm light and how the brightest point of this picture is around the end of the last line.

Modestly Plugged by Modesty Ablaze
This sequence of pictures made me laugh. Humour is something we need at the moment, and I love how she’s just casually sitting on, and playing around with the giant ‘butt plug’ she found! The text in between the sequence of pictures only makes it better.

Xx Mila

Sinful Sunday


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  1. ams

    Ah this reminds me when I was still ashamed of my sub side and did some self spanking. My wife was bit mystified about the marks though. I would tell her I was just “trying” out a new toy so I would have a better feeling for it when I spank her.

    The few strands of hair hugging your butt cheeks are a nice touch 🙂

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Honestly, I’m a bit embarrassed about this self spanking too! I’m just sort of ignoring it lol, because I’m having fun sooo it’s fine.
      That’s so funny about your wife!

      Thank you. It’s because of this picture I’ve realised my hair is getting too long lol!

  2. Charlie X

    Thank you for the link! They’re actually men’s pants. I found them on ebay where there seems to be a thriving market in “masculine” underwear in “feminine” fabrics (I use those terms advisedly, of course). These are just regular jockey shorts. It’s interesting, the difference between men wearing women’s lingerie, men wearing men’s lingerie, and this third group which is more like men’s underwear in lingerie-type fabrics. I’ve been thinking about writing about it but need to get my thoughts in order…

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Really? o: Lemme edit that then haha.
      I hope my observation wasn’t offensive!
      You have a way of turning something that would otherwise be quite mundane into something fresh and I’m pretty much in admiration of it

      • Charlie X

        Ha, no, not offended! I think the way that what should be a simple product (lingerie) splits off into three strands is really interesting. I don’t feel like there should be gendered clothing. But if we have to have men’s and women’s lingerie, how should it look? Should men’s look the same as women’s but be in cuts that support men’s and AMAB bodies? Or should it be in traditional masculine cuts, using “feminine” colours and materials? I can’t decide myself but I am endlessly interested.

        • MLSlavePuppet Post author

          Haha okay!
          I agree, there shouldn’t be gendered clothing. It’s a constraint made up by society. It contributes to people feeling uncomfortable in many ways. It induces shame and can cause discrimination also and for what? So they can market it better? Slight vent over, sorry!
          You ask an interesting question. When I envision the non gender to go, I envision that the current types exist but are simply no longer linked to gender and it becomes about personal preference instead, without the automatic, oh I’m a woman so I’m supposed to shop in the woman’s section. But then, I think you would have the specific cuts to support men and AMAB bodies, but simply have like, the same lace pair available in all possible bocy types? Maybe? I don’t know… I suspect that if you were to do it one way, you’d realise afterwards that you missed out on something and should have done it differently!

          • Charlie X

            This is what I’ve been thinking about. Size 10, size 12… all meaningless. I was thinking about a system that caters to body shapes, completely separate from gender. Clothes in the V category are for people broad in the shoulders, narrow in the waist. A clothes are for people with the opposite body shape. I clothes, people who are straight up and down; B clothes, for those with an hourglass figure. I haven’t quite worked out how to measure them yet, but… it would make more sense to sell correctly sized clothes according to body type, for everyone. Firstly it makes it easier to buy clothes. Secondly as you said it removes shame from everyone. And thirdly, if you’re a manufacturer who makes “a shirt” rather than “a man’s shirt”, you just doubled your potential market, and all you did was remove a word from the advertising copy. I don’t know, maybe I’m thinking too simplistically?

          • MLSlavePuppet Post author

            I like this idea. I certainly think it would be far more inclusive and stop the gender separation. And also, perhaps stop the discrimination against body types which don’t fit into the ‘perfect thin’ body type.
            I like how you point out that it’s beneficial for manufactures too! Because you’re so right.

            I think the most difficult thing about doing this is ‘change’ the mindset of people and for them to adjust. People don’t like change. The actual idea, though research would have to be done and a plan designed, would definitely be possible.

            Do you reckon things will change at some point even if not in our lifetimes?

          • Charlie X

            Make-up is the same. You’d think capitalism would have devoted time and effort to the problem years ago, because why purposely cut your target market by 3.5 billion?

            Yes, I think it will change – well, in your lifetime, I have a couple of years on you! I have great hope that kids like https://www.instagram.com/desmondisamazing/ and https://www.instagram.com/makeuupbyjack/ will change the world by normalising AMAB people in “feminine” clothes, shoes, make-up etc. and revealing what a charade pointless gendering is.

            Have you see r/pointlesslygendered? It’s by turn hilarious, sad, confusing and enraging.

          • MLSlavePuppet Post author

            I remember coming across male makeup at some point?! And I clicked on it, tried to find what was different about it, which was only the masculine packaging and was like!?! But why??

            You’re right. Children (and people) are already bringing along change. I hadn’t really thought of this, though I have come across them and others. I’m jumping aboard the hope train. I think we’ll all play our part in it somehow too.

            I haven’t no? Let me look it up

          • Charlie X

            Some male make up brands seem to be worried about perception, so they use names like “War Paint”. Why? And then I read articles saying “men’s skin is different from women’s so it needs a different formulation”. I’m not a scientist but my order history at Glossier suggests there can’t be that much difference, ‘coz everything from there works beautifully on me.

          • MLSlavePuppet Post author

            Nowadays it feels like there is no management for ensuring that what you say you is true. Like you don’t need to have scientifically proven in order to sell your product based on certain claims. It’s ridiculous.
            Also lol! I’m sure it all does work beautifully on you. It would be fun to share makeup creations. Perhaps in a different lifetime when it’s ok to show your face!

  3. Marie Rebelle

    That clip, and your red bottom… I am curious to know if this self-spanking will leave some marks. Absolutely love the 15 seconds of movement. I still need to try this self-spanking thing. Something tells me I will enjoy it 😉
    ~ Marie xox

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Hehe! I haven’t checked to be honest. I doubt it! But I still have marks from caning… I’m going to start using some creme to see if that will help them go lol
      I really can’t wait for you to try it and tell us about it haha! 😀
      Join the dark side!

  4. nopantsendurance

    Fun! Reminds me of The Tick but much more sexy: Drawing inspiration from his cereal consumption utensil, he uttered a word that would echo throughout the cosmos for eons: SPOON!

  5. Never Waste a Dirty Mind

    I don’t think your hair is too long as long as it doesn’t get caught in your bicycle chain.
    I did think your caning looked to be just on the limit of breaking the skin and potentially scarring. I know Sultry Belle is a pro and was careful about tiptoeing right up to the limit, but no further. I hope the cream works out.
    If you are looking for something stingy for your self-flagellation, a phone charger cord folded in half is quite whippy and you can apply it around your hip without too many contortions. It is surprisingly effective, even without too much effort. Just to be clear, you hold the ends with the plugs.

    All the best,

  6. Molly

    I tried self spanking in the past but it never worked for me. It just left me feeling dissatisfied and longing for a real person even more. That was 10 years ago though but I have really tried it since because I found it so meh but watching your clip makes me wonder if I should give it another try


  7. sub-Bee

    I’ve tried the self spanking thing and whilst others appreciate it, I need someone to spank me for me to get any of the benefits of it.

  8. DeviantSuccubus

    Peach bottom! I really love the picture, ML! Your butt is red from the impact, the spoon is lying there all innocently, and you are beautifully framed by the mirror. Wonderful image!

    • ams

      You know that was my thought as well. But then I had this idea of having Ma’am order me to spank myself. Could be some nice humiliating play with her taking over the paddle because I spanking myself not hard enough or so.

      • MLSlavePuppet Post author

        I kind of don’t have anyone to spank me so yknow… kind of do with what you’ve got!
        Though spanking yourself in front of the other, that’s a great play on humiliation and I think it’d be rather effective!
        Especially if she might make you do it until it actually does hurt a lot, then tells you it wasn’t in fact good enough so she’ll show you what it should’ve really been like!


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