Spicing Things Up

Spicing Things Up

Don’t try this at home. Do not purchase this sauce. If you’re a bottom, do not tell your top about its existence. Clit torture is real. I have to write a post about what’s happening in this picture someday.

My favourite images from last week

Green Park, London by BlueSubmission
I’m jealous of her suspension and equally relieved it’s not me as this is outside in a bustling London park and I would die of anxiety. The picture though is worth it! I love the tree they chose and how it mostly fits in the frame but is so expansive that its roots grow beyond what we can see. I also love how the backdrop with an accumulation of trees and green which almost blocks out the buildings of the city. This picture makes me feel like we’ve temporarily escaped that busy city life and found some peace in nature, which ties in really well with rope and suspension.

Suffering by DeviantSuccubus
This picture instantly made me feel. Her facial expression captured my attention and held it in place. There are so many things in this picture I like, like her makeup, her pose, her expression, the veil and how it distorts her body slightly. I feel like it symbolises that she keeps part of herself inside like I’m sure we all do. And her body comes out really well against the completely black backdrop.

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Sinful Sunday

22 Replies to “Spicing Things Up”

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      You need to be very very careful! As you can see in the picture I applied it with a q-tip. Don’t let the sauce touch your hands because you could accidentally rub it in your eyes that way. Also I would suggest trying it on your tongue first or any other area that’s not your most sensitive one. I always only use a single drop and once it’s on it won’t stop until enough time has passed, which can be hours. They say milk and diary products should be able to help but it has never helped me with this sauce.

      • Never Waste a Dirty Mind

        Now, how does one convince you that you really, really, want to try that sauce again? You know, for science?

          • Never Waste a Dirty Mind

            No, it is not! You know I am cheering on you to find one. Then you just have to leave the sauce out, sitting inconspicuously around for her to happen upon.

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