Spanked while being squirted all over

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The previous week, Roxy was supposed to try out a new makeup look on me and do my hair, potentially to use in future videos. That didn’t happen so instead we moved it to the following weekend, which meant this was the first time we saw each other since the punishment. I had taken the time to learn how to braid my hair, with which Naomi helped me. It didn’t come out perfectly, exactly, but Roxy was happy to see I had put the effort in.

Because of the daily task, I already felt like our dynamic was getting stronger again and today was really significant in terms of cementing that. After the punishment, today was really good reassurance. I had listened to Roxy and done the things which were expected of me, such a braid my hair and I think we both felt relieved and happier.

While she sat down on the sofa, she put me on a stool in front of her so that she could do my makeup. It was quite a relaxing experience for me and an activity I kind of always wanted to do with someone interestingly enough. Growing up, I never knew anything about makeup and had no one to help me out so I always hoped one day that someone might and now here we were. It felt nice that I could let her have my way with my appearance too and I was really curious what would come out of it.

When she finished and showed me I didn’t quite know what to say. It’s strange seeing yourself looking so differently. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it but I certainly had to get used to it.

She did my hair afterwards, put it up somehow, kind of Ariana Grande style, which I felt really unsure about upon seeing it, though she loved it.

Again, I think it had more to do with needing to get used to it rather than disliking it. I hope she didn’t feel like I thought she did a bad job!

I was going to cook for her tonight and she’d sent me a recipe on my request, as I’m not entirely sure I would make something she’d like otherwise and I wanted to avoid that (remember the Slave Mistress weekend, haha). The recipe was for an easy curry with mushrooms, onions, potatoes and aubergine. I didn’t test the recipe beforehand this time (thinking she would probably have to tell me which spices to use anyway) but did cut the items up in preparation, which she appreciated.

While I put everything in the pan she went out for a smoke. She said that she received an email from a job she’d applied for earlier and hadn’t opened it yet, as she didn’t want to possibly ruin her mood. I suggested now might be a good time to do it because if it was negative she could spank me or something to help ease the letdown. And if not, maybe she could spank me to celebrate. Win-win!

When she came back she told me that unfortunately, she didn’t get the job. According to the recipe, food would be ready in about 10 minutes time so I was surprised when she said we would let it simmer for a while and get on with the spanking. We went to the living room where (I think) I kneeled next to her and she put on my collar. “What a difference from last time,” she mused. “Isn’t this much nicer?”

“Yes, Mistress.” It certainly was.

She put me over a stool and told me to stay there while she put a mirror in front of my face. Oh my, I feel so shy looking at myself. Naturally, she specifically told me to look in the mirror.

She started spanking me and I felt way more sensitive than I thought I would. Ugh, it’s one of those my butt is very sensitive days! She switched between her hand and the paddle I brought her earlier and my bottom felt warm very quickly. My hands curled into fists and I tried to compose myself as best as I could, holding my breath for seconds at a time to hold out for a moment and then released and made some noise. After a little while, she got up and said she would check on the food. I felt a little sad, thinking our playtime was over so soon. I heard her rumble in the kitchen and then she returned with a frying pan…

Okay, playtime is still on, yay! Though it was safe to say I felt a little apprehensive of what that would feel like but actually, it wasn’t too bad, though certainly sore. The pan she chose was quite light so it was kind of better than the paddle she used but each had a different feeling. She hit me over and over in the same spot. (Why did I ever mention I like that? LOL #masochist?)

Then she paused and touched me with her fingers, which slowly started to explore my clit. She took it very slowly, which was very nice and for once I didn’t really feel tense about being touched, knowing there wasn’t any specific pressure to come. She continued pleasuring me and reached a point where I thought if she doesn’t stop now, I’m going to squirt! But aaahhh we haven’t put anything down to protect the carpet!! To my relief and also frustration, just then, her fingers stopped. This was the first time I vaguely felt like I actively wanted her to continue. Whatever she was doing was incredibly pleasurable and felt intimate too.

I could hear that she was maybe taking off her clothes and caught a glimpse of it in the mirror, thinking I was probably not supposed to look and quickly looked away again.

Then suddenly, she held her panties up against my nose and I felt a little shocked. This certainly was not something I had expected. Secretly I had been a little scared of what she would smell like because there is always the chance that I wouldn’t like it but obviously I didn’t want to feel like that. She put her panties around my face so they stayed there and I had all the time to get accustomed to her scent. I looked at myself with her red panties on my face and felt pretty embarrassed.

She spanked me again for a moment and then brought the wand over which she started using on herself while she hovered above me. I really enjoy hearing her have pleasure and had all sorts of thoughts running through my mind as I kept fixating on her panties around my face.

Then suddenly I felt a stream of warm liquid trickle and then rush down on me. It kept coming and coming while she appeared to be having an orgasm. OH MY GOD THE CARPET! OH MY GOD IT FEELS WET! Ew? Or hot? What?! I felt humiliated, turned on, close to her and connected and simultaneously worried and wondered if I could catch all the squirt if I spread myself wide enough so that it wouldn’t end up on the carpet. Spoiler alert: she squirted so much that it almost instantly dripped off me. Finally, it stopped.

It didn’t feel like playtime would be over yet. I really hoped it wasn’t! She started touching me again, followed by more spanking and at some point, I felt something like a fork that she ran over my skin. It was a pleasant and sensitive feeling and I started losing track of time. She started taking a liking to the pan and I just really felt so sensitive on my bottom!

Meanwhile, I really started liking the way my face and particularly my eyes looked. She had done the makeup very well and I felt quite pretty, even with her panties on my face, haha.

She pleasured me again and I really felt like I might come if she would continue long enough. Small confession: No one has been able to make me come for about 5 years now. I’m good at doing it myself but I’m so sensitive that people quickly overdo it and I must also be blocking it mentally in some way, maybe? I don’t know. I’ve talked to Roxy about it and I think she could get me there eventually. I’m not sure that she has made up her mind whether she wants to or not, but I think if anyone can it will be her. She stopped too soon today, however, and started using the wand on herself again.

Surely she can’t squirt that much again at least, I thought. Ha, how foolish of me! It happened all over again and almost seemed to be more this time. It felt as if I was being peed on because it was so much and such a continuous stream. It’s hard to describe how something like that makes me feel but it’s certainly positive and a big turn on. I think it partly grosses me out because liquids, partly humiliate me and make me happy because obviously she must be very turned on herself. I mean, squirting is always a good sign right!

She hit me some more with the pan, always in the same spot and then after what felt like forty minutes, we finished playing.

She got us a towel and I mentioned the carpet, which she laughed about. She said that she didn’t expect herself to squirt so much as she usually doesn’t really, which made me feel kinda happy somehow. Once we cleaned up and hugged for a little while we ate dinner together, which was lovely. I was kneeling at her feet while she sat on the sofa.

It was a really lovely afternoon.

Xx Mila

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