Sleeping Next to Mistress in a Cage

A week or so ago, Mistress and I stayed in Kent for a little over a week with our good friend Lady Amber. We were there to do sessions and have a catch up, which included watching several horror movies at night. I ended up feeling ready for bed far earlier than they did, however and so I asked if we could sort the sleeping arrangements.

For me, sleep has been a sensitive issue for a long time. There was a period in my life in which I couldn’t sleep, which was later resolved with sleeping pills and the ‘perfect’ sleeping conditions. If I deferred from having the right sleeping conditions (going to bed at a certain time, sleeping alone, having no noise whatsoever) I wouldn’t be able to sleep. As a result, I was too afraid to even stay over at a friend’s, which I only started doing again since the end of the first lockdown.

“Alright,” Mistress said. “We can put the mattress in the dungeon for me to sleep on and you’ll sleep next to me in the cage.”

I felt a little flustered. She wanted me to sleep in the cage?

“Can I… sleep on top of the cage?” I asked in a low voice. In the back of my mind I immediately worried about being able to sleep, because what if the cage would prevent me from turning on my side?

“You’ll sleep in the cage.”

My heart beat nervously, and at the same time I felt an instant sense of arousal. Mistress wanted me to sleep in a cage next to her, which made me feel very submissive.

“I have a lock-pad,” Lady Amber offered.

Mistress thought about it for a moment while my mind wandered off worrying about what would happen if I had to pee in the middle of the night.

“No, that wouldn’t be beneficial because I rather see her get up to do some editing for me in the morning.”

Phew, I thought. Though there would have been something about actually being locked in the cage.

Upstairs we moved the mattress into the dungeon and then Mistress started taking the sheet off her duvet. She said that she’d be fine sleeping with just the sheet so I could sleep on top of the duvet and use it as a blanket. It felt like a sweet gesture, as I’m sure Lady Amber might have had another blanket. It felt like Mistress was taking care of me.

She let me sort out my bed, and so I crawled inside the cage. The act of doing that increased my happy feeling of submission.

I went to bed shortly after this, as I felt exhausted and didn’t wait for Mistress to go to bed at the same time. The first night I worried I might wake her up, which kept me rather aware of the room we were sleeping in.

But when it became clear in the morning that she is a deep sleeper my worry for the following nights disappeared. I slept surprisingly well in the cage after that. There was something about it that made me feel really safe. The literal space around me was quite small and being confined like that made me feel like Mistress had put a box around me to protect me from the world. It translated to having fewer stress dreams and the more nights I slept in there, the stronger the feeling of safety became.

The other thing I really liked was how present our dynamic felt in this setup, while simultaneously being very subtle. Every evening I would go upstairs to prepare her bed and then my own in the cage. The necessity to crawl inside the cage to make my bed felt like a nice ritual, which made me all the more aware that I’m her Slave.

The following nights we went to bed at the same time and when we did, we simply treated the arrangement as normal. Nothing specific about it was said, other than Mistress briefly expressing her desire to lock the door somehow. Crawling into the cage with Mistress present enhanced my feeling of submission and the joy I felt was immense.

Once we were both in our beds and I was ready to close my eyes, I’d say “goodnight Mistress” and drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Since Mistress has moved, she now has a spare room that she intends to change into a filming space. We’re looking for curtains and kinky furniture and all sorts of things. But one thing we’d definitely like to have is a cage so I can stay overnight. On the train back to Glasgow, Mistress mused about having something like a timed lock, so that she could lock me in the cage until a specific time in the morning. That way I could get up in the morning without waking her up and start on tasks she might want me to do. As it so happens, I own a timed lock that might do the trick (if it still works). That just means we need a cage now, which might be a while because they’re quite expensive.

The first night back in my own bed was a little strange. As I looked up at the ceiling, I noticed how much space there was between the ceiling and I. For a moment I star-fished in my double bed just because I could, and then curled up into a smaller ball on just one side of my bed. I realised I was missing the confinement of the cage and the meaning thereof. I had a sudden fear of what dreams the night might hold, but then I let the thought pass. I turned onto my side and fell asleep, back home as usual.

Xx Mila

17 Replies to “Sleeping Next to Mistress in a Cage”

  1. Pedro Montagna

    Loved the story, Mila!
    My Mistress @Damelotus6 uses the cage more like a place to rest and think after a punishment or if she wants to humiliate me in front of a guest or for her fun.
    At home she always keeps me collared and using a chastity belt and panties. And she often adds new toys.
    Do you have a “dress code” at home with your Mistress too?
    Have a nice week!

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Thank you!
      That also sounds like a good use of the cage! And like a nice dress code routine.
      My Mistress and I don’t live together but when I see her she always wants me to wear my hair in a braid. That’s the only dress code that’s been put in place really.

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