Shhh… Lush

Shhh... Lush

Shhh... Lush

Can you keep quiet? Lush certainly can…

I don’t have as much freedom as I do at home in Scotland so I tried to be creative with what I had aka the Lush vibrator I brought with me, hehe. I wore the vibrator out with my dad in a sushi restaurant the other day; shhh! I wrote about using Lush before in this post.

Following the Sinful Sunday theme: Shadows.

My favourite entry from last week is She’s a star by A to sub Bee.
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Xx MLSlavePuppet

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32 Replies to “Shhh… Lush”

  1. Tom

    Ha, naughty B-) That must have been fun, wearing in company, and of your own dad, no less!. Did you keep it switched on? Was it difficult to hide your excitement? It reminds me of the one time when my Wife had me wear a butt plug while visiting Her parents. Exciting, embarrassing and very uncomfortable, all at the same time, and painful in the end. Oh boy how I couldn’t wait until we got back home… 😛

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Hehe. I just wanted to try and see if it would be difficult to hide my arousal but it really wasn’t. I kind of just got used to it within 10 minutes even though it was on all the time and vibrating along to a playlist to have some different patterns.

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