21 Replies to “She is nothing more than an Object”

  1. ams

    You are such an adorable object but also one that can take quite a punishment 🙂

    I love masks…I have one with only to breath holes so the wearer can’t see anything….and if one were to put their fingers on the holes it becomes a nice breath play toy.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Haha, why thank you

      Oh, that sounds so appealing to me! I would love trying to wear one like that and I love the idea of how it can become a breath play toy

  2. Liam's taboos

    I love how something as simplistic as a hood can do so much for a mindset. You take away someones name, and someones face and what do you leave them with. Is there anything recognisable left or have you moulded them in to nothing. This post shows how beautiful that nothing can be and how it can be so easily derived from even the most prolific individuals.

  3. Marie Rebelle

    I keep on staring at your image, thinking about the hood, and how it totally takes away your identity, how it turns you into an object to be used, and how that makes you feel. In a way I think a hood also makes it easier to let go? I am intrigued. Highly intrigued.

    Rebel xox

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Yes, I believe so, or that was partially also why Lois wanted me to get a hood ages ago, as I kept on disliking myself and she thought a hood might help me separate from that. Now, the hood does something that’s quite the opposite, as it makes me feel less attractive for obvious reasons but (Missy touched upon this I believe) that aspect makes it embarrassing, which makes it easier to slip into that role of being a submissive, or slave, or that object to be used. I find that a hood can create such an interesting mindset and feeling, apart from how it changes sensory things too. I’m highly intrigued what you’d think of it, if you try one out x

  4. missy

    I understand only too well how the hood works with mindset. It is not even just the anonymity, but also the absurdity for me. I would never choose to look absurd and would probably fight against it. So when it comes and I am forced to realise it, it is powerful. What a great image this is too. You look confident wearing yours in a way that I think I could never be in mine.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      I’m really intrigued by your feelings about hoods. I think the hood alone doesn’t necessarily make me feel ugly, though it can. But if you add a ball gag to it, then it becomes a different story and I feel very much the same like you, confidence gone!

        • MLSlavePuppet Post author

          I’ve found it extremely embarrassing having to stand still, wearing the hood and ballgag, and then saliva starts dripping down while having my hands behind my head- and then just being looked at or having to stand there while the dom is just doing their own thing, only looking at you again when they feel like it or making the occasional embarrassment inducing remark.
          It’s not my favourite thing but I do really like the feeling that comes with it! Would recommend trying out a ballgag with it.

          Thank you ☺️

          • missy

            I struggle even to read about how it is and so I know it would push me deep into my submissive space. It is that which probably frightens me a S makes me hold back

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