Serving drinks from bucket nipple clamps

A few months ago, Mistress said she’d seen a pair of nipple clamps with small buckets and was very interested in getting them. When I went online to buy some toys for myself, I asked her where she’d seen them, thinking I could buy a pair. Unfortunately, the shipping costs were more expensive than the clamps themselves and I said that we might have to make some ourselves. Then, just a few weeks later I spotted a pair made in the UK and I handed her the present next time I saw her. As she was opening the box, I thought I saw a glimmer of hope and excitement. Maybe this were the nipple clamps we’d been talking about?

Trying them out

She was very excited to see they were. At the same time, we were a bit surprised of how big they were; certainly bigger than shot glasses.

“Let’s test them out. Give me your nipple.”

It wouldn’t be a fun gift if Mistress didn’t immediately want to try them!

I moved closer to the couch and lifted my top for her. A bit nervous for the pinch, I’m sure my face must have grimaced even before she put it on. I made a low screech upon feeling the clamp pull on my nipple. Damn these are sore! The initial feeling of pain is comparable to binder clips. And liquid still had to be added!

Mistress didn’t add liquid today and kept my left nipple alone due to my still healing nipple piercing.

We said it was a shame we couldn’t use them yet; not fully anyway, since my piercing starts to bleed every time you do anything with that nipple. But Mistress began fantasising about the kinds of videos we could make with the buckets, and more importantly, the parties I could now serve drinks at for her.


Three months later, Mistress and I attended a private party with many of our friends. We weren’t entirely sure if we were going to attend but just in case, Mistress brought a bag full of toys which she told me about on the train, including the bucket clamps. Still, the reality of them ending up on my nipples seemed distant and I forgot about them as the night unfolded.

Five hours later, Mistress took me to the hallway where she started tying my hands behind my back with rope. I felt very shy, even while still shielded away from people. Mistress asked to borrow rope from a friend so she was aware that we were about to play and no one else had played yet.

I often feel self conscious about doing a scene in front of other people. I think I appear confident while I’m in a scene because I’m able to do something explicit or extremewhile I’m submitting to my Mistress. While I’m not confident at all, I am confident in my submission and I worry that sometimes it may appear as showing off, and that makes me feel self-conscious. Add to this that my Mistress can literally be showing me off and I begin to worry even more. Unnecessarily, of course, but the worry is there nonetheless.

Once my hands were tied behind my back, Mistress took me to the living room. I was wearing this outfit, which, as you can imagine, provided perfect access to my nipples; Naturally that’s why Mistress wanted me to wear it. To deal with my anxiety, I focused on what was about to happen to my nipples.

Mistress had taken the cups out and I was genuinely scared of the pain they were about to cause me. She put the first clamp on my pierced nipple and it hurt so much. My nipple is certainly a lot more sensitive since it’s been pierced and that says a lot, because they were always already sensitive. Luckily, this meant that the clamp on my second nipple was less sore and while it still hurt, by comparison it made it easier to cope.

“The drink hasn’t even been poured in,” one of my friends said.

“Yes,” I said through gritted teeth in a sarcastic, yet slightly amused tone. “I am well aware, thank you.”

They laughed, and me, anxious of the soon-to-be added weight, asked Mistress if she could please fill the non pierced nipple first. As I said it I knew I shouldn’t have. Who do I think I am? And no, I don’t want to sub from the bottom. But that split second of anxiety momentarily threw my rationale away, and the request had purely arisen out of the fear that I wouldn’t be able to cope. Mistress, patient as she is, decided to fill the cup hanging from my non-pierced nipple first.

The liquid in the bucket made the clamp hurt more but it didn’t make a massive difference. I would almost go as far as to say that it was okay. Getting the right bucket filled first, made me feel a lot calmer about the left nipple.

Picture taken by Linda Kima Kaze


When they were both filled, Mistress turned to face the guests and loudly asked if anyone wanted a shot.

“Me!” Someone instantly said.

I kept standing frozen in place, self-conscious to even look up into the faces of all these people.

At the same time, the buckets were filled to the brim and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to walk without spilling any liquid.

“Come on, don’t make me encourage you,” Mistress said.

I glanced at her unsure, then looked down at the buckets and tentatively took a first step. I felt like I was going to trip over. In my high heels with my arms on my back and these buckets filled with alcohol I felt like I wasn’t in control. It was embarrassing and yet I knew from several compliments earlier in the night that I must be looking good. If anything, this should be kind of hot?

My latter thought was confirmed by the enthusiasm of everyone in the room to take a sip from these buckets. As soon as I realised people were enjoying this as much as Mistress likely would, my self-consciousness disappeared and only the playful embarrassment of my position remained, which in itself is a turn on.

I loved the predicament of pain I had to face when Mistress put the clamps on my nipples and them filled them with alcohol, while my friends made jokes and watched. To add to that, I thoroughly enjoyed it was hard for me to walk and not spill any of the drinks with my hands tied behind my back while wearing high heels.

Most of all though, I liked that Mistress was using me while simultaneously showing me off. Naturally, as I enjoy servitude (in whichever way) the most, getting to be of use in a “public” way was great, as if we brought some kind of party trick to the table. And while I don’t like the act of being shown off, I do like that Mistress wants to show me off and does so.

Still when the last drink was served, I felt slight relief. Phew, the spotlight will move away from me now. 

Mistress took the nipple clamps off (which hurt so much again, of course!) and unfortunately, it had caused my pierced nipple to bleed (I really wonder when it’s actually going to stop doing this).

Then Mistress said: “So since your arms are still tied… what shall I do with you now?”

She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me behind her out of the room.

It was really hot because she did it so fast I actually struggled to follow in my heels and ended up walking backwards.

Another scene

We had a scene on a spinning chair in a separate room, where Mistress first spun me round to disorient me a bit. She put electro pads on my nipples (again, my pierced nipple was so much more sensitive!) and then began hitting me with a flogger.

I don’t remember all that much of the scene because I just let myself fall into the experience.

It felt really nice to have it in that moment, as if it was a kind of reward for serving the guests and overcoming my anxiety.

Mistress used a wand on me and I felt like I might have been able to orgasm if she had kept it going long enough.

She stopped it in time, however, and said that I wasn’t allowed to come tonight.

“Yes Mistress,” I said with a smile she probably couldn’t see.

By the end of our scene, I felt like I had just reached the threshold of full submission. I’m not sure if that’s the right phrase but what I mean is that my actions of submission would have become more instant. I no longer felt like I needed to think about it or battle my rational human non-submissive brain to submit to my Mistress.

I imagine this means I could have taken a lot more pain than usual or pushed boundaries and really, really given into the sensation and experience without thinking.

Perhaps threshold of control is a better way to put it.

I still find that this is a rare occasion, as a scene needs to be intense enough for me to fully let go of my own control. Though I am certainly getting better at it and letting go more and more when I’m with my Mistress.

We went back to the living room after this and it was probably good we stopped when we did. Having shorter scenes at parties is beneficial because it means I can still function afterwards and there is room for other play and scene occasions.

In terms of these buckets though, I’m sure they’ll come out more often in the future. Overall, I was happily surprised by my ability to enjoy the experience, rather than being overwhelmed by my self-consciousness, which I had initially feared.

Xx Mila

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  1. thebarefootsub

    What a wonderful evening! I’m so glad your submission allowed you to embrace the experience, and even enjoy it. You’re her prized possession, it’s only right that she’d want to show you off! N xx

  2. MrsK

    I’ll have to add bucket nipple clamps to my list of to be tried. Lol
    Your piercing will take about 1 year to heal perfectly. It’s foreign and your body want to get rid of it.
    On another note, I’m sure it looks lovely 🙂

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Omg, yes you do! And please tell me about it if you do try them haha!

      It does look lovely. It’s coming up to a year now since I got it so I’m wondering if I should go into a piercing shop to ask if I need a different piercing to aid healing or something

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