Rules in Miss Lois and my dynamic

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Obviously these rules don’t apply anymore, but I thought it’d be useful to list them so that all the other posts might make more sense.

  • Answer with Yes Miss / No Miss / Okay Miss when asked a yes/no question. Additionally, address as Miss at the start of a conversation.
    I broke this rule (by accident) a few times.
  • Always ensure that there aren’t any hairs around the nipples. (Before introducing a rule in which I had to shave leg, armpit & pubic hair, I only had to get rid of hairs around the nipples. I don’t know if she could read my mind because I never actively mentioned that I also dreaded having to get rid of all the hair, but this was a rule on its own at the start, without the need to shave anything else.)
    I broke this rule maybe 2 or 3 times? as I didn’t realise new hairs had already grown.
  • Wear a thong every day (this was quite a shock to the system lol. It used to be scary to wear one (god knows why) and I only ever wore ‘normal’ boring underwear. (Regardless of the end of our dynamic, I still only wear thongs now because I prefer it.)
  • Always wear nice trousers (skirts & dresses also allowed obv.) when leaving the house (except if going out for sport).
  • Always send a picture of the outfit I’m wearing to Miss Lois before leaving the house.
  • Smile and pose as taught in every picture taken unless otherwise specified. (You’d be surprised how difficult it is to smile.)
  • Always ensure that my hair is behind my back when taking pictures. They are not to cover the front of my body/boobs.
  • Remember that people looking at me, or giving me compliments for the outfit I’m wearing is incredibly positive and makes Miss Lois extremely happy, even if I experience the compliment as negative. (At first I experienced the attention as negative, but later on, it became nice and a compliment.)
  • Accept compliments and say thank you.
  • Anticipate Miss Lois’ needs/desire without being told to.
  • Accept a punishment first and only analyse afterwards.
  • Always have fresh ginger at home.
  • Shave all body hear every time when taking a shower.
  • At the start of a conversation, always say: “I have a purpose as long as I can be useful to someone sometimes even if it’s in the future.” (In my ‘normal’ life I often struggle with the feeling of not having a purpose. Miss Lois and I talked a lot about this struggle of mine and in an attempt to cement that I do have a purpose, she made this rule. It was the most important rule with quite a severe punishment if I forgot…)
    I believe I broke this rule 2 times… (by accident, of course).
  • Allowed to orgasm as much as I want, but have to have three ruined orgasms before being allowed to orgasm. (A previous rule was that I wasn’t allowed to orgasm without permission (broke this rule 3 times in a row – punishment can be found here), and that if I were to touch myself I had to edge myself. Additionally, if I noticed I was wet I had to edge myself. The new rule overruled this rule.)
  • (Old rule, which became inactive: always wear heels while touching oneself.)
  • Always tidy your room and keep it spotless. Clothing must be neatly folded and put away. Everything has its place and will return once it’s not needed anymore. Miss Lois will request pictures randomly and if she is not happy with the state of tidiness I’ll be punished. (Even though this rule is obviously also no longer effective, I’m pretty good at keeping my room tidied up now!)
  • Think up ways of torture and tell Miss Lois if I come up with something new.
  • Practise walking in heels for 5 minutes every day.
  • Practise the hip movement (for walking in heels) 5 minutes every day. (This probably sounds ridiculous lol, but this was even more of a struggle than learning how to walk in heels.)
  • Wash your face every morning and evening (again most normal people do this all the time but I was weird and didn’t).
  • Wear the posture shirt for a few hours each day (attempt to improve posture).

Later ones:

  • Keep a tidy and clean your room. It has to be absolutely spotless Every piece of clothing has to be neatly folded and put away. Neat stacks of paper. Everything has its place and will return as soon as it is not needed anymore. Miss Lois would request pictures randomly and if she was not happy with the state of tidiness I would be punished
  • I could cum as often as I wanted as long as I had three ruined orgasms before that. 
  • No longer allowed to wear underwear with the exception of game days, because of a shared dressing room with my football team.

Additionally, if I had done something wrong and needed to be punished, my name changed to a number. The number represented the number of punishments received so far. So she’d call me 7 if I deserved another punishment, then back to my usual name once the punishment was completed. And I became 8 if there was a new punishment, etc.

Xx MLSlavePuppet

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7 Replies to “Rules in Miss Lois and my dynamic”

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  2. Brainy

    I’m very curious about the posture shirt. Is it a thing you bought or that Miss Lois had you make? I couldn’t find a mention of it anywhere else.

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