Rope Gauntlet

Rope Gauntlet

Rope Gauntlet

Rope Gauntlet

Doesn’t rope make everything look pretty? Especially when the colour is so nice!

My dad has asked me what I want for Christmas and I’m tempted to say I’m into rope art and ask for rope. Except that would probably raise too many questions so maybe not!

But yay, I’ve learned another tie for which I won’t need a tutorial next time.

Xx Mila

27 Replies to “Rope Gauntlet”

  1. Ms Quin

    Sweet and simple! Nicely done.
    Metallic rope is always pretty… Could you ask for a set of magician’s ropes? Maybe say you’re taking up escapology?!

  2. sass c.

    Your images look like they were taken for a professional shoot. Like you’re a hand model being featured in some sort of art magazine or something of that nature haha. Maybe you can create an Amazon wishlist with different ropes. I’m sure you’ll have someone buying them for you in no time.

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