Ring Restraint for Caning: Review

Roxy recently moved flats and very enthusiastically showed me her new four poster bed when I came over for the first time. She suggested that this bed would be great for play, and I remember thinking: I’m sure it would be… and pictured the different positions she might put me in. On my third visit to her new flat, I brought along a bondage restraint that I was given by Sohimi in exchange for a paid review. On the website it is called the Sohimi TORTURED LOVE Bondage Restraint but I will refer to it as the BDSM ring restraint. Several weeks after receiving it, Roxy and I were finally going to try it out.

Ring Restraint for Caning: Review


Before diving straight into play, Mistress Roxy made me do some tasks on the computer while wearing the new vibrating butt plug a fan had gifted me. The point, of course, was that I was sitting down on it and I can tell you it was very present, even though the vibrations hadn’t been turned on. She made me wear it because she was going to try a stap-on on me for the first time for which I had brought my dildo along.

Led into the bedroom

Once the hour had passed, she led me into the bedroom and said that when she’d come back she wanted me to be kneeling and with my hands on my head facing the bed. I hesitated for a moment. “On this side?” I asked, pointing at the left side of the bed. She nodded and then left the room. I undressed and kneeled where she wanted me to with my hands on my head. I listened to the noise of the bathroom, thinking I’d be able to hear when she’d come back. It made me think about how in theory I could simply sit like normal until I knew she’d appear. She’d have no way of knowing but of course I would never do that. It would ruin the game for both of us and I like taking this position for her. Even if I didn’t, if that’s what she wanted me to do I would.

When she came back, she moved to the other side of the bed in front of her wide open window. She slowly started undressing and it almost seemed as if I were watching her through the frame of a painting, through the four poster bed. The light shone in through the window and lit up her skin. She stood half turned away, as if she were teasing me. I felt great enjoyment watching her undress and thought how lucky I am. Then she put on a robe, which covered her shoulders but simultaneously kept some things exposed.

She walked back over to me and put on my collar. She then told me to stand up and wait as she started to unpack the ring restraint.

Assembling the ring

She picked up the locks and said exactly what I was thinking at the same time: “Won’t it be great if these keys fit all?” Just a second later it was clear they did not. “Alright, hold on.” I watched her match the right keys with the right lock as I held the ring up around my bottom. She gave me the bar that needed to be attached to lock it in place and wondered how it was supposed to fit together. I remembered seeing an image on the internet of how it worked and turned the ring around. “It might work like this? Or maybe…”

Ring Restraint for Caning: Review

I had to push my bottom through the ring so that I was standing in a > shape and the bar was locked in front of my belly button, which then kept me in place. The position immediately felt a little uncomfortable just as my Mistress would want it to be…

She took me to the side of her bed and told me to put my arms up. She attached each wrist to one handcuff and put the chain over the bed frame of the bedposts, which meant I ended up standing on my tiptoes. I was able to hold onto the frame with my hands to take some pressure off my weight at times, but all in all I was at the dangling mercy of my Mistress.

Ring Restraint for Caning: Review

Impact play

When I visited Lady Amber two months ago she gave me a whangee and a strap to take home so Roxy could use it on me. So far, we hadn’t tested them out but this ring seemed to be made for that kind of impact play. The ring itself did come with a small flogger, but the quality is minimal and it’s definitely a toy that might be part of a beginner’s set and even then it’s hitting power isn’t great. Once I was locked in place, Mistress started by using the strap. She hit me and it made me bounce forward every so slightly, but my bottom had nowhere to go. She continued strapping me and while I normally might twist and turn to shield my bottom, the ring kept it pushed out with no escape.

After several hits with the straps Roxy got out the whangee, and I remember nervously taking a breath. I had never felt this kind of cane before but Nettles, one of Lady Amber’s subs had told me they were nasty. She struck me right on the bottom and a groan escaped my lips. I tried to turn away but the ring didn’t allow me to. For the next while, Roxy switched between using the strap and the whangee on me. Sometimes she’d pause and come up from behind to give me a tender kiss or a bite that made me cry out loudly.

I don’t know how long I was standing there for but the position became very sore and hard to hold. I could mostly feel it in my thighs and it felt like my legs were getting weaker. While the hits kept coming, there was nothing I could do to make it stop. I felt like I was standing in quite the predicament, but in a good way, of course! The way this was uncomfortable was still in the way that my Mistress wanted it to be.


When she finished hitting me, it was time for the strap-on. However, the position that my body bent in because of the ring did not allow her the right access. If anything, the ring was blocking it. Therefore, Roxy unlocked the locks and my legs finally got some long sought after relief. We put the ring aside and Roxy tied me in a different position that I will write about another time.


The Sohimi TORTURED LOVE Bondage Restraint, or, as I like to call it, the BDSM ring restraint is pretty brilliant for caning or general bottom impact play purposes. The mechanism and locks are effective and can be used for predicaments if desired. The ring does not appear to be super versatile but I haven’t tried it in many other ways. The only thing I’m sure of is that it can’t be used for fucking, which is alright, as it was clearly not designed for that.

If you are interested in this BDSM toy it can be purchased for $35.99 on Sohimi.com. It Comes with 4 locks and keys, the ring and one bar and a small beginner’s flogger.

Best feature: Effective restraint for bottom impact play and potential predicaments.
Worst feature: The flogger.

Mistress Roxy and I will certainly be using this again!

Thank you to Sohimi for providing it to us.

Xx Mila

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