My favourite images from last week

Hard times working remotely by Askmefast
What I really like about this picture is that my attention firstly goes to what’s on display below the desk. This is, no doubt, something we’ll all do at some point during our quarantines! But then when I look at this picture a while longer, I notice his face behind the monitor and his expression really intrigues me. Lastly, the colouring and the slight black gradient around the edges add a lot to the atmosphere of this picture. It almost makes it seem, to me, like a frame frozen in time, which perhaps is very apt right now.

Stretch to fit by Rebel’s Notes
I love the colours in this picture. Her tattoos, her panties and the serene colours of her skin and the wall behind her. I like the way her body is positioned and how her right leg has been slightly lifted and mostly, I love how her nipple prominently points up, which I think is emphasised by the tattoo around her breast.

Freeze Frame by My Controlled Ascent
This picture has so much meaning as the accompanying text in the post will prove. This picture is done so well, so perfectly aligned. The colour correction immediately draws my attention to what’s inside the frame but looking at the whole picture I’m just in awe. It keeps me still, makes me think. And one last point visually, I love the little details of the cracks in the frame.

Hope by Little Switch Bitch
Like in the picture I mentioned above, the black and white edit while singling out the flowers in colour is very effective. However, I find real beauty by looking at the picture as a whole. Her body is absolutely beautiful. I love the way her body is turned slightly, which makes her breasts stand out that little bit more. And the meaning of this image is very important right now.

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Sinful Sunday

20 Replies to “Caned”

  1. Molly

    Oh my goodness this gives me some intense feels… I want to get a beating so badly but I also want to reach out and trace my fingers of those welts on your bottom and see if it makes you twitch…. Hope that is OK to say.


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