Purple Mermaid Tail

The loops

The Mermaid Tie is such a pretty tie. I’m in awe of how the tails of others look like but I struggled to accomplish the same myself. The tie itself is very simple in that you repeat the same step over and over. The tie is more ‘complicated’ for the fact you need to get the loops right and when you start with the first and need to add in the second, it seems like you’d need an extra pair of hands.

Purple Mermaid Tail

Over the weeks of this meme, I have noticed that it’s become easier for me to grasp how tying works. I can get a tie on its first go and run through the tutorial pretty easily. This time though, I had to pause and go back to make sure the loops were mostly similar. The result above was the first outcome, which I was fairly happy with considering. But it didn’t feel quite tight enough, as if it could fall off if I moved.

Purple Mermaid Tail


Getting the loops in is one thing but making sure the rope is also tight is another. I don’t know, maybe I’m the only one struggling with these things? I tried to readjust the rope by going through each loop one by one while holding on to the current string of rope. As you can see above, it wasn’t very successful as the loops came out far less equal. I would blame it on the fact I had to self-tie, but I’ve seen Life of a Kinky Wife’s attempt and hers is perfect?!

Purple Mermaid Tie


I had the idea to perhaps use purple nail polish or give my nails the colour of a rainbow but I should have thought of this before I tied my legs. I also briefly had the fantasy to sit on the edge of my bath, head turned with my hair shielding my face (and ideally fill the bath with very clear blue water) but I really didn’t know how to orchestrate that on my own. And once again, if I had wanted to try I should have prepared stuff before tying my legs! It’s becoming a common theme where I tie before preparing stuff I may want afterwards, haha.

Xx Mila

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If you want to give this a go yourself, the tutorial can be found here. Or alternatively, MrsK found another here. Release some stress by using rope!

18 Replies to “Purple Mermaid Tail”

  1. MrsK

    It is a tricky one, but it looks pretty good. I had a hard time with keeping it tight too and found i had to use my teeth a bit 🙂
    But I still can’t wait for the next prompt 🙂

  2. thebarefootsub

    You’ve done a great job with this. When I have tied this in the past I found that cotton is harder to maintain tension as it is quite stretchy. If you can use hemp or jute they will keep the tension better. Switching helped me with lots of ties. Keep going, the more you get the rope in your fingers the easier it all feels. ❤

  3. Alethea Hunt

    The thinking ahead was hard for us too! And then there was the evening of the practice tie, when child number two suddenly appeared and wanted a cuddle just after we’d finished the tie and we threw a blanket over my legs and let them in for fifteen sleepy minutes of cuddle… The inability to run away was a little bit of an issue!

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Haha! That’s so funny. This reminds me of being in the middle of a task and my mum walking in to sit on my bed and talk and I hid beneath my blanket lol

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