Marks are from the photo series of using red clothespins, which I took for this post.

People submit so many good entries to Sinful Sunday every week. I’m going to try and pick out three every week, rather than one because I’m bad at choosing. That’s why I like a Mistress to dictate things for me, duh. Jk Jk.

Delicate by Purple’s Gem. The picture is such a beautiful composition. The soft, yet vibrant red of the flower contrasts very well with the blue and white backdrop while being similar enough to the blurred out silhouette of LittleGem in the back. I love the idea of the picture and it’s so beautifully executed.

Making waves by MXNillen. I really like the sort of being pushed against the edge of the pool? idea and portrayal and how we are only shown the slightest part of the person from behind. The hair and the slightly darker body contrasts so nicely against the paler skin and it’s honestly just an all-round sexy picture.

Enthralled by Annie Savoy. Something about this image just drags me in and doesn’t want to let me go. I’m literally enthralled by it, so the title was completely spot on! I love how her hands are gripping onto the sheets, the way her head is bend down, while her butt is in the air.

Check out other people’s entries this week by clicking on the lips below!

Xx MLSlavePuppet

Sinful Sunday


24 Replies to “Pointy”

  1. Tom

    Lovely, with or without the marks. For me the goosebumps and the erect nipple hint at erotic anticipation. I can imagine you holding your breath and shuddering in anticipation of what your lover/Mistress will do…

  2. David Proctor

    How erotic! An image just calling out for licks and pinches from the marks and memories of the session.

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