Part 2: Squirting through a Speculum

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After taking the last picture shown in the previous post

Miss Lois: “Sit down on the edge of the bed, spread your legs and send a picture.”

(Even reading this now as I’m writing this post, I’m reminded of how I’m turned on by getting such a command.) I guess there’s just something embarrassing about being told to spread your legs just like that and to then take a picture. It’s very exposing.

I took the picture, which I imagine must have made me very wet.

(I’m uploading the rest of the pictures that I’m talking about throughout this post here)

and was then told to get another new arrival of the things Miss Lois had told me to order… Chilli Pepper Pete’s Dragon’s blood XXX Ultra Hot Sauce. Honestly, when she’d told me to order this I was like, okay, hot sauce. They make it sound really dramatic with that name, surely it can’t be that hot. She told me to get a q-tip and get a tiny little bit of sauce and to try it on my tongue.

Me: “….. Omg, the sauce. How does this exist.”

Miss Lois: “You did only very little as I told you?”

Me: “Yes Miss, and it like shoots through your entire mouth, tongue and throat and stings and stays there. I even feel warm in my face now and I literally only touched the q-tip with my tongue.”

This had made me close to dripping wet.

She told me to get my ball gag and my butt plug, which I had left in my toy chest in the living room lmao, oops. So I had to dress up to get them as my flatmate was there, and Miss Lois told me to get a glass of milk or yoghurt while I was at it.

Me: “I don’t think we have either of them at the moment, Miss. I have bread… which is a thing you eat when the curry is too hot? haha” (wow I’m hilarious. *this is sarcasm)

Miss Lois: “Put the gag in and put a finger up your pussy.”

I showed her a picture of me standing like that and then she told me to sit on the edge of the bed as before, still with the finger in my pussy and to take another picture.

Miss Lois: “Now get your legs up on the bed so I can see where your fingers enter your pussy.”

I took another picture of that.

She asked me how my pussy was feeling, which burned a little bit but not too much. She then told me to get as much of the butt plug into my pussy and that I could wet it first, either by my own wetness or spit, of which the first one was preferred. (Honestly writing it now, even I am shocked by how sensitive insertion was to me. I mean… I still can’t… wear tampons because it kills me… but some sex toys when I’m aroused work now.)

It was quite easy to insert the butt plug because I was very wet and I got it all the way in. As proof, I had to send another picture of course. It also didn’t really hurt going in but when she asked if it felt nice I didn’t think it felt nice just yet. It still felt unfamiliar and burned a little. She told me to pull it out (not entirely) and to push it back in and to repeat it five times.

It hurt more going out than when going in, although going in still hurt, and this made my vagina burn a little bit more afterwards. She asked me if it felt arousing yet, which it absolutely was not.

Me: “Maybe I’m too tense about just the idea of what we’re doing?”

Miss Lois: “What are we doing?”

Me: “Something inserting in my vagina and moving it.”

Miss Lois: “I have asked this before but have you ever been sexually abused when you were younger?”

Me: “No Miss.”

Miss Lois: “Can you be 100% sure?”

Me: “I think so Miss.”

I have not been sexually abused. Ever. I just have a problem with tightness. In fact, I recently found out that it is, in fact, a medical condition.

She asked me if I had brought the speculum back from my mum’s attic like she had told me to, which of course I had because she had told me to.

I had taken it out of a sealed package. It had never been used before.

She told me to replace the butt plug in my vagina with the speculum. It didn’t really want to go in… It wasn’t necessarily that much bigger but it was shaped differently? And the small tip of the butt plug helped with pushing it in. But I managed to push it in by forcing it in despite the pain.

(Here’s a video of me inserting it on either OnlyFans or Fetlife)

I had to ask her if I’d put it in the right way when it was in, lmao. I’m an idiot, but I had inserted it in the right way.

Miss Lois: “Ok, what I want you to do is make yourself squirt and take a video of your vagina while masturbating. I want to see inside as good as possible. I would like to see what happens inside your vagina when squirting happens.”

I didn’t really know how to do that because I needed one hand to touch myself, one hand to keep the speculum from shooting out (because that’s just what my vagina and butt tend to do when someone is inside and I start touching myself lol) and I needed another hand to film it and have the camera aimed at the opening of the speculum.

She told me to open the speculum more so it would stay in better, but also told me not to overdo it, saying we would start stretching my vagina from now on.

I started trial shooting to see if the opening was viewable, but as it turns out, the right angle is very, very specific! After sending a video and a few pictures I finally had the right angle.

Me: “The only problem is… I can’t make my phone float.” (again, I’m hilarious)
“What if I tape the thing (speculum) to my vagina so I don’t have to hold it”

Miss Lois: “Whatever works.”

She suggested we could also use my Canon because she thought the remote control I bought also worked for the Canon but turns out my Canon doesn’t have that option.

Me: “I suppose we could always re-do it and make it look more aesthetically pleasing next time?”

Miss Lois: “Yes, I like your pragmatism.”

Me: “I suppose we could always re-do it in person too and then you wouldn’t need a camera to see it ;p”

(I felt pretty pleased with myself having said that hehe)

Miss Lois: “True. Or let your best friend take the video ;)”

Me: “….eeeuuhh”

(Pffft, Darm her!)

Miss Lois: “Try it for a few seconds to see if you can hold the camera in place.
He (my best friend) would get all hard and would probably explode. That would be the ultimate compliment.”

Me: “Haha well if for the compliment, great idea Miss
Have you ever tried this before/made someone do this?”

Miss Lois: “No, this is quite an interesting experiment”

(You can say that again… me being a test subject huh)

Anyway, she then told me to start. We went back to business, all jokes aside. Three minutes after starting though, it came out despite having taped it to myself, lol.

She told me to find a solution with the camera and that this was now a future task: to find a solution to film this properly.

I had inserted it back in and it wasn’t difficult to do it this time so she told me to open it a little more if I could. I managed to put it on the first opening setting, lmao. It was burning.

Miss Lois: “You will keep it in for a bit to stretch your vagina.”

It felt weird. I felt like I had to go to the toilet but like… weirdly? As in, I was unsure if I actually had to go to the toilet. I hated how my vagina contracted around the speculum. Like the muscles tensed around it

Miss Lois: “Well it’s inside now and keeps you open.

(Yep… it sure did…)

And when she said it, my vagina closed in around the speculum again but for longer this time in a more intense way. And it was getting more painful the more often this happened now.

Miss Lois: “It is because you’re aroused knowing that your vagina is open and that I had a look inside of you”

And that triggered it again… (So that is how arousal works huh)

She said that while I might not realise it, that this was an extremely humiliating position to be in. She was right, of course, I didn’t realise or feel that. But I mentioned that this could be added to the torture list (considering insertion is quite horrible in my case)

Miss Lois: “I want you to make yourself squirt, without video and try to squirt in a container like a bowl to reduce the mess.”

For one, I didn’t have a bowl but I was also unsure of my ability to hold myself up above a container and get the squirt in the container that way. She suggested any big container item like a bowl or a Tupperware box, and to sit on the edge of my bed like I had done earlier and let the speculum guide the squirt out. I did have a teacup and so teacup it was!

She suggested I put the phone on the bed frame, leaning against the mattress aimed at the mirror so she would be able to see me squirt, even though she obviously couldn’t look inside of me.

Miss Lois: “I would like that a lot if it would work out.”

Her saying that automatically puts my senses to please her in overdrive. I’m sure she knows it does too!

After seven minutes of holding a vibrator against my clit (not a wand, just a 1-pound vibrator lol) I thought I had squirted but I hadn’t orgasmed (I was still on the same antidepressants that had taken that ability away from me!) She asked me if there was anything in the cup, which was just a little bit of squirt. (Honestly, when something is inside of me it feels like it blocks squirt from coming out.

After the squirting, she asked me if both vibrators worked, which they did, so she told me to insert the silver one as far into my vagina as I could and to put it on max.

My responses then sort of started changing to simple “yes Miss”- answers, which indicated to her that I was becoming more submissive. Once it was in and vibrating she asked me how it felt.

Me: “Em… Interesting?”

Miss Lois: “Interesting?”

Me: “It’s vibrating… is what it feels like. Little burning.”

Miss Lois: “That can’t be all of you wouldn’t have forgotten the Miss.”

(Shit. Why. How could I… Forget??)

Miss Lois: “Now put the butt plug in your butt.”

So sometimes when I did something wrong she would punish me immediately but sometimes she would just continue as normal and then punish me later during the session when I wasn’t expecting it, which was kinda… worse? because of… anticipation.

I had to sit up so that the butt plug and vibrator wouldn’t just slip out thanks to the mattress underneath me. Then she told me to get the other vibrator and to make myself squirt again, ideally in the cup and ideally on video.

Miss Lois: “The thought just turns me on to finally see you squirt.”

Reading that made me blush instantly. But also, until she’d said that, I hadn’t really realised that seeing me squirt was desirable or pleasant. Hearing her say that made me feel happy and aroused. It felt like I could actively make her happy by doing something I was naturally good at (yes… I mean naturally good at squirting lol).

But I couldn’t actually do it with the butt plug and vibrating vibrator inserted. Like I said earlier, it feels like my squirt is blocked as soon as there’s something inside of me. And additionally, the vibrating vibrator was hurting quite a bit, which probably didn’t help my arousal at all.

She asked me how I was feeling and if I wanted to try and cum or squirt. I felt disappointed in myself and didn’t feel the desire to do either.

Miss Lois: “What do you feel the desire for?”

Me: “I never feel the desire to squirt either but I feel the desire to please you, Miss.”

Miss Lois: “Ok, I think it is time for your punishment for forgetting to say, Miss, combined with me allowing you to please me, which will happen through your pain as a result of the hot sauce.”

Me: “Yes Miss. Do the things we do turn you on generally? Maybe that’s a stupid question but you never said anything like that before.”

Miss Lois: “Of course, anything I do to you turns me on.”

(I think this question often crossed my mind because I can’t envision being turned on by making someone do the things I do, which makes sense because I’m the slave lol, but therefore it just doesn’t make sense in my head so when she doesn’t tell me that she is turned on I wonder if she is.)

Miss Lois: “I would like you to leave both the butt plug and vibrator inside and put as much of the hot sauce on a q-tip as you think you can handle on your clit. Then take a picture of the q-tip, then apply it and then take a video of the first minute of your reaction. Either of your face, body or clit, whatever you like, but I want to see it.

Miss Lois: “You are of use to me always, every time we speak.”

So then I tipped the q-tip in the sauce… and if you want to know what happened next, you’ll have to read part 3: Clit torture: Dragon’s Blood XXX Ultra Hot Sauce – set to publish on Saturday 26/10/19.

Xx MLSlavePuppet

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