Part 1: Stylish shoelaces and planned outfits

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I guess you’re wondering what this has to do with kink but one of the things Miss Lois told me to order at some point were specific shoelaces, which partly excited me and partly caused me to feel anxious because oh my god, another exterior change for the public to see!

Originally, I thought she wanted me to buy them to fix a pair of shoes I really disliked but when I put them in, it was clear these were not working haha.

I’d tried this before she came online and was talking to my best friend, also showing him the shoelaces, and I certainly didn’t expect that she was going to come online any minute now. Then when she did she told me to try all the laces in certain shoes.

The first two shoes I did were laced wrong… apparently, laces have to be parallel. How was I supposed to know? I don’t know these things. So she showed me this picture and referred to the top left:

And I said: “Do you ever think I’m like a guy who doesn’t know anything about the things other girls do lol”

Miss Lois: “I think you are an elegant and beautiful Lady
who no one ever took the interest to teach how to be herself.”

(heart melts)

I still didn’t really understand how the shoe lacing worked though, so she linked me to this video. (Skip to the part where he starts tying the shoes.)
I finally managed then.

To help me decide on lace colours other shoes, she asked for a picture of some of my shoes with the laces on top of them.

Part 1: Stylish shoelaces and planned outfits

Changing shoelaces is so goddamn time-consuming!

So while I was changing the shoelaces and showing Miss Lois, I was still chatting to my best friend. She asked me if I was (not because it was a problem) and then told me to show her my panties to see how wet I was.

Then she asked me what I thought my friend would think if he knew how wet I was. May I remind you that this is my bdsm-friend that I lived with for 3 years. I said that he’d laugh and make a slightly embarrassed face and then say something like: “No, this is fine. Completely normal.”

Miss Lois: “How would you feel if he knew?”

I would just shrug, thinking: oh well… this is just the way things are.

Miss Lois: “He might get a hard dick knowing you are
aroused or tortured or punished.”

Me: “That’s just funny to me because I know he will feel more awkward about it and think like: ‘Can I? Why am I? Aaah'”

Miss Lois: “He might get aroused by pictures of you,
seeing your breasts and such.”

Me: “I mean, it seems like a normal response? Like, I’m a woman and he’s a guy who likes women and if he’s ok with it, I don’t care.”

(I’m so logical, aren’t I?)

Miss Lois: “And how would you feel if he would masturbate
to pictures of you?”

It didn’t make me feel anything, really.

Miss Lois: “Very good. Because it would make me very proud of you, and happy because it is a massive compliment to you.”

That kind of surprised me, but it linked into how she taught me how compliments were good. Like how when people looked at me on the street for what I was wearing was good. So now she added that if people masturbated while looking at me, whether they were male or female, was a massive compliment, especially to her because it showed how the result of her work is appreciated.

She then showed me some pictures of clothing I owned and told me to try on certain clothes with the ‘new’ shoes.

Meanwhile, apparently she’d been talking to my best friend because she then told me that they’d agreed that if he ever feels aroused while talking to me, he’d tell her. And then if he did, Miss Lois knew that I’d done very well being desirable.

I took the pictures and we talked about what looked good and what didn’t and what should be changed etc.

These three outfits went into the ‘ready to wear’ folder which we made to help me figure out how to dress nicely. I mentioned how these would probably be too cold to wear though, considering it was the middle of winter in Scotland.

Miss Lois: “Being a slave is not about slurping squirt from the floor and being in pain. It is about learning that you can try and combine outfits with a cardigan.”

(LOL. Can you imagine this. As a slogan. Somewhere, haha
sorry, that’s me reading that back right now)

Me: “I know Miss, I don’t think I’d want to be a slave if it was only about those things.”

She told me to try on another few combinations of clothes and the following outfits were also added to the ‘ready to wear’ folder.

(Side note: The outfit I wore the most out of these ready planned ones was the green top with the trousers and shoes with pink laces. I think I only ever wore those shoes with the pink laces out, and maybe my heels with the black laces once.)

She then wanted me to put white laces in my heels and try the following:

But the combination didn’t work so instead she told me to get completely naked, put my high boots on and take a pic…

Miss Lois: “For my pleasure only.”

I instantly felt more aroused. Like I felt a tingle or something. Which was kind of unusual because I can tell when I am aroused when I see that I’m wet, but I could never tell if I was aroused without checking.

Then we continued… using a ball gag, butt plug, epilator, vibrators and a teacup about which you can read in the next post, Part 2: Squirting through a speculum.

Xx MLSlavePuppet

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