NEW Question! Interested in a Christmas Card from me?

Sorry guys, only had 6 ‘yes’ responses (and no ‘no’ at all?) but that doesn’t reach the minimum of 10 🙁

Maybe next year? 🙂


I took another few pictures today, hehe. And as I was going through them I thought, wouldn’t it be so much fun to make a Christmas card with one of these and send them to my best friend?

But then I thought, what if other people would be interested too?
And I would like to know if you are interested and if, how many of you are.

The card would have a picture of me, in the same good quality that you’re used to when I do photoshoots and I’d write you a little handwritten message on the back and will add a kiss with my red lipstick.

It will only work if at least 10 people are interested because of production and sending costs and I’m honestly only doing/considering this because it seems like fun. I love sending postcards, haha.

So let me know in the poll below!

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