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      • Tom

        Hey ML, are those receeding caning marks that can be seen on your lower right butt cheek? If so, how many did you get and how long before this pic was taken? My wife caned me on my ass and thighs a few days ago (a very painful funishment spanking, 30 strokes) and my marks looked a lot like that on the third day (no real bruising, difficult to sit on day 0, ass still smarting 24 hours later).

          • Tom

            So sorry for not noticing your reply earlier!
            And you look fantastic, the other girl too. I hope somebody comforted your poor behind afterwards.
            I am astonished by how you two managed to move so little and to stay so quiet. I can never do it for more serious spanking (for me that’s anything that hurts like hell, leaves traces that can still be seen a few days later, and makes it uncomfortable to sit down for the first day), even though I promise myself to take it bravely every time. For a spanko I am a real sissy when it comes to taking it, I break down after the first couple of hard hits and try to get away or protect my ass, thighs, soles of my feet etc.. I don’t find it arousing anymore (unlike with milder erotic spanking) and always lose erection, but as soon as it is over and I recuperate a little, I get hard again from excitement of getting punished and dominated by a woman (my wife). It is such a roller coster of feelings and emotions. But if anybody can understand it, it’s you Marie Louise. 🙂

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