Mistress pieced my nipple

After Roxy and I played with needles for the first time she said: “Maybe we can pierce your nipple next time?” It was partly a question and partly a statement. 

“Y-yes,” I believe I said, a little taken by surprise. As the idea further dawned on me I became more excited. I had thought of nipple piercings many times before but getting them done by my actual Mistress and for my Mistress is such a turn on. 

Roxy piercing my nipple is like marking me in some way. She’s claiming a form of ownership (though, she doesn’t own me yet) because I’ll be wearing her jewellery that, unlike a collar, I can’t really take off. There’s further meaning in it because piercing a nipple hurts and the healing time is rather long. It means there’s a commitment on my end to wear this piece of jewellery for her and once it’s healed we’ll put in rings so it can be used for potential predicaments. 

She suggested looking for a nipple bar that has the word ‘owned’ or ‘slave’ engraved in it, but unfortunately those don’t exist. I contacted a piercing shop and they told me it would be a bad idea to do such a thing, as the bar is supposed to be smooth for healing purposes. Therefore, a standard one had to do, but the meaning stays the same nonetheless. 

She thought it would be best if we did one first to see how we’d get on. If all went right, we could possibly do the other. 

We got together at around 5pm but only pierced my nipple around midnight. For one reason or another, piercing my nipple was the last thing on the agenda today. Perhaps it was because we both were a bit nervous, while the past few weeks we’d been so excited and couldn’t wait. 

She asked me how I was feeling. “Nervous,” I had to admit. “How are you feeling?”

“Nervous… And how does that make you feel?” She laughed in somewhat of a self deprecating manner. 


“I thought I would hide it and be cool but…”

“It’s okay, nipples heal well. If it goes wrong we’ll just have to take it out and wait a little while before trying again.” For me, logic had obviously kicked in.

She told me to put my hands together and started tying them tightly. I felt grateful that she was restraining me in some way, as I really had no idea how I would respond to the needle going in.

“I’m just doing this so that you won’t move.”

“I know,” then I added wryly: “This should be standard procedure for everyone who’s getting a nipple piercing.”

It made her laugh and the joke seemed to take the edge off our nerves (mine anyway). She put my hands above my head and tied them to stay in place there, which made me feel a lot more secure. 

I was sort of half kneeling and half sitting down, as kneeling itself had grown so uncomfortable that I really wasn’t sure I could stay still at the required time. 

“Why are you doing this?” She said. 

My mind instantly went blank. 

“For you Mistress.”

“And why?”

I didn’t really give her a coherent answer as all the words had scattered in my mind. We both seemed to realise at the same time that I wasn’t good at this when being put on the spot. She recognised the gist of what I said and got what I meant. 

“Right, that will have to do.” 

She got out freeze spray, as apparently that’s what her piercer used when her nipples got pierced and it meant she barely felt a thing. Her piercer must have used something stronger though as the boots version didn’t feel all that cold and when this was evident she put it aside with an “oh well,” just as I thought the same. Pain it is I guess… We’re just gonna do this, this is going to be fine. 

There was no further delay. The next thing she did was take the needle to my nipple, though she paused to measure it with her cigarette pack (in the absence of a ruler). 

I closed my eyes when she pierced the needle into my skin. It’s kind of like any other needle pain at first: a sharp pinch that makes you want to flinch, like when you get vaccinated or if a blood sample is taken. If the needle were to stay completely still, the pain would subside but for this piercing it had to be pushed through and so that sharp pinch turned into a burning sensation. 

I held my breath and pleaded in my mind that it would get to the other side of my nipple quickly. It didn’t seem to want to get out the other end though. I recognised what was going on as I had the same problem every time I pierced my own nipple before. I had to take a breath in and the pain immediately intensified. Please just push it through. Please just do it. I held my breath once more and felt like tears were threatening to appear in the corner of my eyes. Don’t move Mila, stay still, it’s almost there. I felt another sharp pinch and then it came out the other end. 

I allowed myself to breathe again. Roxy looked a little unsettled. “Are you okay?” I said. 

She half laughed and remarked it was funny I was asking her that. “I think I should be the one asking you!”

“I’m okay.”

I cast a quick glance at the needle in my nipple and then decided not to have another look. 

It didn’t really hurt when she put the piercing in. She muttered something about the ball not screwing on properly but she managed right after and I have no recollection of the needle even coming out. 

Her needle disposing unit was stuck and so she untied me first. My mirror was standing just to our right and I nervously turned towards it as she took me along. 

“That looks really good,” I said.

“It does.”

The tone of her voice was so genuine. It was a mixture of relief, surprise and joy. 

It was strange to see the jewellery in my nipple. I always thought it would be pretty but it looks so much better than I ever imagined it would be. 

I thanked her and we embraced each other on the floor for the longest amount of time. It’s hard to describe this moment. We would say a couple of things and then be quiet in our embrace. I felt so grateful to be sharing this moment with her and for the fact that she was doing this with me and for the fact that we’d met and are trusting each other so much. Her hug tightened and it felt like neither of us wanted this moment to end. 

Afterwards, she asked me if I wanted to pierce my other nipple too. 

“I don’t really mind either way.” (But would love it actually! Especially if you do it and it’s for you, yes please!!)

“Maybe we can do it on the year mark, since we’ve met.”

Turns out we met at the end of February in 2020 so we are a bit too late for that. However, I was cleaning up my gmail the other day and found our emails from back then. On the 9th of April 2020, she suggested we could start a trial in which I address her as Mistress. We pierced my nipple on the 10th of April 2021 so that’s almost perfectly timed!

I can’t wait to get my other nipple pierced by her too and am very excited about the prospect of changing the piercings into rings so they can be used for predicaments (in about a year or so!) 

Also did I mention how happy I am with this piercing?

Mistress pieced my nipple

Xx Mila 

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  1. Marie Rebelle

    Both of you are so brave for having it done this way! And by the way, no freezing spray for me when I had it done – none of the three times, haha.
    Love, love, love the look of it!
    ~ Marie xox

    PS: This post fits in perfectly with Wicked Wednesday this week *wink, wink*


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