Learning to Associate Heels with Arousal

I never particularly fancied heels. I’m not sure if that’s because I saw them as this evil noise-making tool which would make people aware of me being there or because they are, or can be kind of uncomfortable to walk in. Maybe it’s more accurate to say that I didn’t really care about heels. They were simply a type of shoe which could be nice to wear for some occasions.

Miss Lois had a very different idea about heels, as most of you probably have. They’re nice and can make your body look even better. I do agree, I just didn’t care much about it before and couldn’t appreciate my own beauty.

Miss Lois wanted me to start associating heels with arousal. So if I were to wear heels, it should make me wet. Or maybe it was even supposed to make me when when I’d see heels? I’m not entirely sure anymore.

Either way, I was very sceptical and didn’t think this was accomplishable. But of course, Miss Lois knows what she’s doing… and she thinks she knows me better than I do (which seems to be true) so she made a rule that I am only ever allowed to touch myself/edge/cum etc. when wearing heels.

I never broke the rule. I took a pair of heels with me when I travelled even though I knew I wasn’t going to use them for anything else. Sometimes wearing them while touching myself made it more awkward or uncomfortable, but it also felt good following this rule. It generally just felt good to have rules.

As for right now… I feel more attractive now when I’m wearing heels and I also associate it more with kinky things and arousal than before.

Xx MLSlavePuppet


25 Replies to “Learning to Associate Heels with Arousal”

  1. Jessica

    There is some training that is enjoyable and quick while wearing heels which certainly does help this a lot.

  2. Tom

    And how did it work out? Were you a good girl and learned to associate heels with arousal?

    In this submissive male (me) the Pavlov’s dog effect is fairly easy to achieve. I respond with arousal to quite a few items and actions that are not sexual just because they are about my Wife/Mistress.

    • MLSlavePuppet

      It didn’t really work out. I never completely started associating heels with arousal even though I stuck to the rule. I do love wearing the heels now, even when I’m just having fun with myself so in that way it kind of worked out?
      I do associate it with something kinky as well.

      But I get the effect you’re talking about and I had it with a lot of other things!

  3. collaredmichael

    Heels always look sexy. At least from my perspective. I think the training you got where you now associate heels with arousal is kinda wonderful. Now you feel sexy when others see you as sexy. Perfect right??

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      It is and I’m so happy I got it. I don’t feel like I associate heels with arousal but I do associate it with confidence and I do feel sexy while others see me as sexy so it’s indeed perfect!!

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  5. BrainMassage

    This kind of process is used all the time in NLP and in hypnosis. It’s usually called “building an anchor”. Two concepts that would not be usually related to each other are trained to be perceived as related, in order to achieve some kind of goal. In this case, the goal was very clear and explicit from the beginning. The iterative approach you used can be effective, although you were building the anchor at a quite conscious level, which in general makes the process slower and often not so powerful. Other more subtle approaches exist, that can be used to reinforce the anchor and make it fully effective.
    Besides this, I think it is interesting that you did not finally achieve full confidence nor comfort in walking on high stilettos, regardless from the thorough training and efforts you endured. For sure there are things that are not for everybody. Perhaps this is just one thing that instinctively is not natural for you, and perhaps this instinct is too strong to overcome with this kind of training. I believe other girls will read your post with interest and curiosity, feeling “in your shoes” while attempting to achieve proficiency in this, and perhaps being relieved by the fact that it can be difficult for everybody, and not just for them. It’s not so easy to find such kind if genuine and first-hand experience about this kind of topic, so I think you are giving a good service to many people.

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