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  1. BrainMassage

    I like this position, for many reasons. First off, this is a simple yet effective position that exposes you nicely and puts you into your natural place as a slave. Second, it can be used as a starting point for a number of interesting additions, such as applying clamps to your pussy labias and nipples, applying weights to those clamps, etc. Third, this is a position that feels quite comfortable at first, but that becomes harder and harder the longer you have to hold it. Quadriceps are very strong, and they can easily endure this position for the first minute. Then, you accumulate lactic acid, and the pain starts fading in, until you start shaking and feeling you can’t hold it anymore. If at that time you are ordered to move your ass slightly lower, and to keep such a modified position, then the pain is amplified. You can also be ordered to put all your weight on the tips of your feet, making it even worse. Or even better? 😉

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Haha, sounds like this picture and the position leaves a lot of space for the imagination! 😉 Glad to hear it has. I do have my fair share of experience with having to stay in certain uncomfortable positions for long amounts of times. I’m not a fan! But that doesn’t tend to matter much to me, of course haha

      • BrainMassage

        Sometimes, enduring positions like that for a fair amount of time is also used as an alternative to standard workout techniques. Some people find it a little boring to keep repeating over and over a standard set of exercises just to maintain their bodies in good shape. This can be much more fun. For sure it’s much better to see, especially for people like me who have some evil sadistic tendencies 😉

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