Read about how this picture came about here. Side note, no, I did not do this for exhibitionist tendencies! In fact, the 10-second timer on my camera felt so long and as soon as the camera had clicked I ducked! Reposted this picture here separate from the post because of Sinful Sunday. Thank you for the sweet comments on the other post 💛

My favourites Sinful Sunday Pictures from last week

Abyss by A sub to Bee
They’ve taken needles to a new level! I’m fascinated with needles and feel some strange sort of pull towards them while they’re so painful when you start out piercing your skin. I love love love this circle. The needles are placed so closely together, so perfectly aligned. I’m so envious!

Tame Me by Happy Come Lucky
I’ve recently become interested in getting my own tail and this picture might just convince me. It’s so primal, especially because it’s in the woods and we can see the dirt on Honey’s feet. I’m kind of in love.

Flawless by Godemiche
I really like the sentiment of this picture and its execution. It makes us focus on the beauty in the middle of the frame and is such an honest shot.


Sinful Sunday


25 Replies to “Overexposed”

  1. Molly

    Oh my this is absolutely fabulous. I love how the light is bursting around you and you look like you are welcome it to you


  2. DeviantSuccubus

    Peachy butt, hehe 😀 <3 I like this picture of you, you look like an angel, really, only the halo missing! And I can relate to the non-exhibitionism tendencies! I hate taking pictures in public or where anyone could see me, and I always panicky want to put my clothes back on very quickly!

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