Hand Spanked by The Baron

It was around 4 or 5 am in the morning and it had been a very strange night. I was on MDMA and it had been filled with kink and filth until our gathering was interrupted. After the issue was resolved, most people continued having a good time but I noticed that The Baron, my good friend, appeared to be feeling off and I was still a little anxious myself.

I sat down next to him and put my hand on his leg which was nervously tapping. I suppose it was the only way I knew how to offer some comfort, while simultaneously acknowledging I could see he wasn’t feeling great. When I used to feel bad I always hoped someone would pick up on it. Simply receiving acknowledgement helped me, so I thought maybe I could help him that way too somehow. I wanted to offer support and it felt like staying with him would be as good as any.

We talked about things I can’t quite remember and chatted to other friends who came by at random times. Dilan came and sat with us eventually and it was calming just to be there together.

However, by the time the sun started coming up, I realised we would not be able to shake our current anxieties if we continued just sitting there. We had tried to talk, given it time but neither seemed successful. I thought we had to engage in play of some sorts if we wanted to get out of these feelings. After all, kinky play is really good for releasing endorphins.

I told The Baron and meant that maybe we should each go off and find someone to play with. However, he suggested that we could try and use the strap on me, which actually didn’t sound like a bad idea. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be marked as I had a shoot in three days so he suggested a hand spanking instead.

The idea of playing with him had crossed my mind but the only thing we’d really discussed before were needles and he needed to talk to Roxy about that, as his idea is pretty extreme and Roxy and I have agreed that if potential play might be extreme I should ask them to ask her for permission first.

A hand spanking however, Yes, let’s do that. I thought. Why not? No harm in a hand spanking! 

I felt oddly nervous though, but in a positive way. It’s been interesting how I developed an interest in playing with The Baron. As you’re all aware I’m gay and The Baron is a very straight guy, who is quite a bit older and in ways, somewhat a position of power. Generally, I feel absolutely no desire to submit to men, especially when they’re already so dominant seeming. And on the other side of the coin, The Baron has been very aware that I’m gay and would also not usually pursue play.

Yet, somehow, there’s the mutual interest. He’s a sadist, and I sure do feel a pull towards sadists, ha!

I looked at Dilan and asked her if she’d be up for coming to receive a hand spanking too. I knew she had been interested in playing with The Baron and she knew that I had thought about it too, and she agreed.

We went upstairs and found Roxy, who The Baron asked permission to spank me. I don’t know if he had to, since we were only going to do some hand spanking but it definitely made me feel more at ease and reassured me.

We went up to his bedroom with the three of us and while Dilan sat down on the bed to watch, The Baron sat down on a chaise lounge and took me over his lap.

He gave me a very slow and seemingly sensual hand spanking, a kind that I had never felt before. His hand was bigger than the hands I have felt on my bottom before and every slap had a certain weight to it, though it didn’t really hurt.

It did hurt but it was strangely pleasant.

Many thoughts ran through my mind but none presented itself in clear sentences. The feeling of the moment took over and I gave in to whatever it was that was happening.

I thought how embarrassing it was to be over The Baron’s lap with my bottom exposed and to receive an actual hand spanking from him and to be enjoying it. 

The thought made me smile because actually, it also wasn’t embarrassing anymore. I felt like we connected in a way I don’t know how to put in words, but I know that Dilan and The Baron know what I mean.

When I got off The Baron’s lap, I had been able to get out of my anxious mindset for a little bit. I took Dilan’s place on the bed and she took my place in his lap. I then got to watch her hand spanking, which was interestingly quite different from mine.

Xx Mila

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  1. MrsK

    First of all, I’m delighted to see you out and about!
    2nd, once more I get to live vicariously through you!!!!
    And third, what a great scene. Glad to see you got what you needed (and I hope the Baron did too).

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