H is for Headstand with a Twist

Half an H

H is for headstand

I didn’t know I was capable of doing that

Only worked on the first try- 10-second camera timer!

Following Sinful Sunday Week 541’s prompt: the letter H

I did also turn it into an H, but I liked the original better.

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Sinful Sunday
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34 Replies to “H is for Headstand with a Twist”

  1. books1799

    I love the photos. You look extremely fit and wonderful . Also, I’ve just seen the link to your Instagram, which is full of equally splendid images. I followed immediately.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Hehe, thank you! ?(Honestly, I wanted to get another shot and tried a few times and I just couldn’t keep the balance and stay straight, let alone put my other leg out without falling down, so really, the first try was the easiest!)


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