At the moment, everything seems so much more fragile. Just over two weeks ago I was really fearful for my best friend’s life as he had caught Covid very badly. Even when he finally recovered, his dad was still walking the line between life and death on the IC. I’m grateful that they’re both alive. I’m holding my heart for the world right now.

(Those marks on my butt were leftovers from the first time I got caned)

My favourite images from last week

Hydro Power Plant Flash by Miss Scarlett Writes
The title in combination with this picture made me laugh, a happy day! I love how bright it looks on the picture and how confidently she is standing there, just chilling as if this is an everyday thing. I would be shitting myself.

Maid to serve by Sub-Bee
Again the title and the picture made me laugh. I initially thought it was an actual tail until I looked a bit closer and realised it wasn’t! Did not realise a cleaning item could look so appealing lol.

Pink Painted Nails by Focused and Filthy
Like is the case in many of their pictures, there are serenity and beauty in the simplicity and creativity of the calm combination of few colours and the focus on the close-ups. The nails definitely gave me that happy feeling of spring, once again.

Chicks before Dicks by Molly’s Daily Kiss
I think my favourites from last week all made me laugh, as this picture did the same. The colours in this one scream happiness, spring and Easter to me, which is all anyone needs in their life right?

Elaborate Self-Pleasure by Knkstriped
While this wasn’t for my rope meme, this picture represents everything I hope people will do with some rope- have some elaborate self-pleasure! This picture made me smile because I could picture myself doing exactly the same (I mean, I have.) The light, the red rope and the white sheets, the position make this picture very aesthetically pleasing.

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Sinful Sunday

33 Replies to “Fragility”

  1. A Savoy

    I love the colors and your pose here. And I agree, the world feels like a fragile place right now. I’m glad your friends are recovering and that we’re all here for another Sinful Sunday.

  2. sub-Bee

    I think we’re all feeling very vulnerable right now. I’m glad both your friend and his father are recovering.

    What a stunning image though, I hope you manage to refresh those marks soon. And thank you for picking my image *grins

  3. Molly

    Yes I can relate to fragile and vulnerable. I am sorry to hear about the people in your life who have not been well. I hope that make a full recovery.


  4. DeviantSuccubus

    This picture really represents fragility perfectly. I am glad to hear that those who are dear to you are doing better. Being fragile can also bring change: we are more grateful for what and who we have in our lives, for instance.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Thank you Devie. I agree, suddenly nothing else mattered and I feel rather grateful now, though even that is already fleeting! So strange how that works

  5. Marie Rebelle

    Such a beautiful image, and the title you have chosen for this post fits it so perfectly. Like you, I am holding my heart for the world right now. Where will this end…?

    Rebel xox

  6. Miss Scarlet

    Thank you for your link to my cheeky photo. I’m sorry to hear about your friend and his dad. But it’s good they are recovering x

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