First Act of Submission of 2021

Quite unexpectedly, I was able to spend New Years with my Mistress and her partner this year. We hugged just after 12 and wished each other a happy new year, then she pointed at the floor. “Kiss my boots for your first act of submission of 2021,” she said.

I looked at her for a moment, conscious that her partner was right there with us. “Right… now?” I said hesitantly.

“Right now,” she said without a sliver of doubt.

I glanced at him, then at her, then at her feet. “O-okay…” I swiftly dropped to my knees and brought my lips to her shoes. I kissed each shoe twice, my embarrassment made place for a feeling of submission and I suddenly felt really happy. I looked up with a smile to see her smile back at me.

Happy New Year everyone. (Maybe things will start looking up as the year progresses.)

First Act of Submission of 2021

The video of this can be purchased through my OF, or on IWantClips

Xx Mila

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