More pictures in this outfit on Onlyfans here and here.

My favourites from last week:

Valen-tie by HappyComeLucky
I am a sucker for rope. I love pretty rope on people and this tie looks so cool, pretty and so aesthetically pleasing. I love the colour of the rope and how it looks against her skin. And I like how a little bit of hair is visible in the corner. I really like the little white gradient on the edges and of course, what’s on show. 😉

Calm in a tea cup by sub-Bee
The title of this picture says exactly what the picture portrays to me. It looks so calm and peaceful and at the same time rather intriguing as I hadn’t seen anything like this before. I like how perfectly aligned the cups are and how symmetrical it looks (to me anyway) and the light is nice and bright which adds to the calm.

Promote love by Rebel’s Notes
I don’t like valentines but this picture is so warm that it makes my valentines heart come alive a little. I love the focus on the heart pin, while the nipple is still clearly visible too. I love how it’s so red. Her caption says that Red IS the colour of LOVE! and I think she’s right haha.

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Sinful Sunday

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  1. Posy Churchgate

    i love the lingerie, I love the ‘freedom’ of your pose and I think it’s great that you are using the post to share what others have posted. Delightful and sexy.

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