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~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

My Racial Identity and My Rainbow Cunt

Flaunting Denise

My first caning session

~ Featured Posts by our Guest Editor (May More’s Picks) ~

Little Sex Toy-Part 1

I don’t read as much erotica as other sex bloggers. But if I did this is the kind I would be reading.

Weathering the Winter of Low Libido-land

Mrs Fever once again tackles a serious topic with a certain amount of humour and in her very readable yet inimitable style.

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Erotic Non-Fiction

Work Sets You Free
Morning. Orgasm.
Wearing his collar and cuffs
The Sixth Sensuality

Books and Movies

Preaching to the Perverted Movie-buff
Sex Explained: Docu-Series Review
Law & Order S01E10: The Celluloid Dungeon

Erotic Fiction

Two Swallows
Daisy Goes to a Bar
Behind, On Top & Inside
The reward
Breakfast In Bed
Three Times a Woman
Enema Addict

Body Talk and Sexual Health

Fourth trimester sex (after birth)

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

How do you feel when you play?
Why I Should be Allowed to Orgasm
The Problem with Causing Pain

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