Coral Lace

Coral Lace

My first pair of pretty panties was lace and had a similar colour to the new coral lace pair I’m wearing here (from The Knickerfairy). I liked the pair so much that I never wore it. I felt like I had to keep it safe so I could wear it when I got my first girlfriend. Turns out it took a while before I had a girlfriend and when I did, it never even crossed my mind to wear the pair. By then, I had gotten rather comfortable in black cotton ones, ha. It has only been recently that I’ve got an interest in lingerie. I think I didn’t consider myself attractive enough to wear pretty things like this. I can tell you, things have changed!

I have a few more pictures wearing this coral lace pair up on my Onlyfans here and there will be more to come in the future!



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  1. Violet

    Just my opinion: you’re “pretty enough” for anything and everything you want to have or do xox Great photo and that coral colour is to die for!


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