Task 1: Making my own Porn video

As explained in a prior post, Laura and I are setting each other tasks and will be posting about how this went on our blogs. Laura fulfilled my first task and wrote about it here. On the bottom of this post, she wrote down the task for me, which I have now done and about which I will write here. Laura set me the task to make my own porn video, which she directed and to then watch the video Continue Reading →

Tasks with Student Slave

Some of you probably know that I was quite a fan of PainSlutLois’ blog (not the Lois that trained me). She stopped posting a little while ago but linked to my and this other girl’s blog (Laura, Student Slave) quite recently, after which Laura and I started talking. It turns out we’re quite similar in our masochism and servitude and enjoy hearing about the tasks we might be set by other people or pain we have to endure. In other Continue Reading →