Learning how to walk in stilettos

One of the things that had a lot of importance from the start of our dynamic were heels. Naturally, I never wore them, used them or really owned many. I guess you’d have a field day if you enjoy training someone. How many women don’t know how to walk in heels? lol. Continue Reading →

A Choice: Wearing the heels, or stones in flat shoes

You will wear the heels all day and go outside in them while meeting a friend. For every day that you don’t, you will wear the stones in your shoes and this will continue for as long as it takes until you wear the heels for the day. Continue Reading →

Punishment: Wearing stones in shoes

She specified that she wanted me to fill my shoes to a level that I found most uncomfortable, which could be just a few or many (I think I had something in between). The emphasis of pain had to be on the balls of my feet – so stones had to be underneath there. Continue Reading →

Task: Wearing heels at the airport

The evening before my departure, Miss Lois came up with a new task: That to show that I was going to develop even more as a slave once I arrived in this new place, I was to wear a pair of heels from the moment I got off the plane until I’d leave the airport. Continue Reading →

Learning to associate heels with arousal

I never particularly fancied heels. I’m not sure if that’s because I saw them as this evil noise making tool which would make people aware of me being there or because they are, or can be kind of uncomfortable to walk in. Maybe it’s more accurate to say that I didn’t really care about heels. They were simply a type of shoe which could be nice to wear for some occasions. Continue Reading →

Learning how to walk in heels

As part of my slave training, I had to learn how to walk in heels with which I struggled SO much. I was afraid of wearing heels because it would draw attention and I liked being invisible Continue Reading →