Birthday Brats and Power Play

Over the last few months, I have regularly worked from Skadi’s home on one of the weekdays. There’s a blackboard in her kitchen and after one of the first time I’d been over, she invited me to leave a message. Skadi doesn’t just invite anyone into her home and likes to use the blackboard as a reminder that she’s loved and has many meaningful connections.

I love this idea and I was definitely keen to write something. However, I couldn’t decide what to write. How does one manage to summarise something meaningful and yet light hearted into one sentence or even just a word?

While my brain was overthinking, my hand wasn’t writing. Every time I saw Skadi in her flat once more, I jokingly said I wasn’t quite ready to write. It wasn’t fully intentional at first but it began to slot in perfectly with my bratty character, causing amusement every time I saw the playful annoyance and twinge of disbelief in her eyes.

Finally, I figured out what I wanted to write, two weeks before her birthday. I messaged her to announce it and immediately she said that I would write it down on her birthday.

“I’m going to make a scene out of it because you took so long. I’ve already planned it.”

You what?! Truth be told, I did not expect this. Yet my mouth instantly curled into a smile. Are you now? 

I told her the right words should have no deadline and asked her how she was going to make me do this. After all, she only just lost another wrestling match against me.

Skadi reminded me that she’d have 20 people to help her, then mentioned she adores it when I’m bratty.

It felt like my heart grew. She adores it when I’m bratty? ❤️ I know exactly how I’m going to behave on her birthday!

Skadi’s Birthday Party

I love getting presents for my friends. The nature of the surprise and finding a present they genuinely like is very rewarding.

For Skadi, I had something particular in mind. I’d forgotten to return a tupperware bowl to her, which I’d borrowed several months ago. On top of that, I recently borrowed her underwear so I thought giving it back wrapped up in wrapping paper would be a great power move. You wanted a brat, you said? 

After Mistress gave Skadi a very nice present, I handed her the wrapped bowl. Joyfully I realised Skadi didn’t suspect a thing as she unwrapped the present.

I couldn’t actually find her black underwear because all of mine is black, so the present held her bra and a small note.

“It was a terrible idea to borrow black underwear. I have yet to find it back and return it to you.”

It made her laugh while the rest of the room seemed utterly confused. It was such an inside joke but I couldn’t stop grinning and even when I said I had a proper present for her she asked if we could just keep it this way for now.

In addition to my “fake” present, I chose to wear an outfit I’d only worn once before. It’s a white, lace bodysuit lingerie on which Skadi had previously commented that it made me look so innocent. Naturally, therefore, I specifically wore it to contribute to being bratty for her.

Mistress and I played before the chalkboard scene happened however, and some very welcome breast slapping made my pierced nipple bleed. I thought this semi-ruined the innocent look so I changed into a second outfit.

The Chalkboard Scene

While Skadi left for the kitchen after letting me know I was about to write on the chalkboard, I stayed behind in the living room. If she wants me to write on that board she’s going to have to get me, I stubbornly reiterated in my mind.

I almost did get up to find her after some time passed, as my inner submissive became louder, but I urged the brat to remain in control.

Then sure enough, Dolis came for me, which was not what I expected. Do I just go with her? Do I not got with her? Dolis herself can make me feel bratty and yet equally submissive. On top of that, all night, Dolis and Skadi were teaming up, facilitating the banter and power play of the bratty / dominant dynamic.

Perhaps my slight uncertainty as to what to do momentarily caught her off guard. “You know what’s about to happen right?”

“Uhuh…” More or less; something about writing on a chalkboard; yes, I consent and this is fine.

Dolis called Olli over, who, after I gave my consent, tied my arms behind my back tightly. I like to wriggle but there was no way I was wriggling out of this.

Once tied, Dolis took me with her. Crossing the hallway only took a couple of steps and when she moved the curtain out of the way, everyone in the kitchen stared at us – or… me?!

I did not expect everyone to be looking! I mean, I knew everyone was in the kitchen but knowing one thing and feeling reality is very different!

Immediately they announced my entrance and then Skadi drew attention to the gorgeous new outfit I was wearing.

I felt like I wanted to hide behind something, someone, anything! But there I was, tied and not exactly in the position to make demands, as Mistress too made some comment about how she would sit back and enjoy my suffering.

Skadi stepped on a ladder and now literally towered over me. She turned to the room and explained the situation – how I had refused to write on this board for so long and that this, of course, has consequences.

In the pictures that Dolis took of us, the power balance and joy is visible on both mine and Skadi’s face.

Instead of allowing me to write with my hands, Skadi put a piece of chalk in my mouth.

“I want you to write exactly what you decided to write. You can’t change or shorten it now.”

I wouldn’t dare shorten it in this moment. We’d agreed to this play so I would uphold my part of the deal. I can do this – everyone that’s doubting me, just wait and see!

Birthday Brats and Power Play

It was really quite hard to write while holding the chalk in my mouth. It was difficult to find a way to use enough pressure without breaking the chalk in my mouth, which is exactly what happened in the first minute. Rather than holding it between my teeth, I then moved it to between my lips. This caused chaving on the inside of my mouth but I was determined to do this. Sure enough, I gained control of the chalk and started writing letter by letter.

Behind me, people started trying to figure out what I was writing. Was I struggling that much that it was ineligible? No, no, surely Skadi didn’t think I’d write in English? That would be too easy! You may have gotten me to write but will you be able to read it? Plus, she did say she loved hearing me speak Dutch, so writing in the same language could be nice too.

When I finished writing, the sentence read: “Het is gezellig hier.”

I specifically wanted to write this because the word “gezellig” is very meaningful in Dutch. It can’t be translated in English but the closest word it relates to is “cozy”. Gezellig means far more than that, though. It means everything from cosy to friendly, from comfortable to relaxing, from enjoying to gregarious and it generally gives me a warm and loving feeling.

It’s a word I hadn’t thought of for a while, because when I grew up in the Netherlands things didn’t feel gezellig for me, even though people used the word around me all the time.

While thinking of things to write, I realised that spending time with Skadi  encompassed that exact feeling that once felt so far removed from me.

Sure enough, once I finished writing Skadi exclaimed that she wanted to know what it meant, hehe!

Holding a dragon’s tail

For her birthday, Skadi had asked to receive 29 cane or dragon tail strokes from the guests at her party.

After our chalkboard scene the teasing back and forth continued.

Mistress had put a butt plug inside of me and said I could take it out after Skadi’s impact scene.

When Dolis and Skadi heard this, the impact play got suddenly delayed.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t wait to see Skadi get hit, or better yet, hit her myself with the dragon tail that I gifted her for her birthday (the real present).

I started pretending that I knew exactly what I would be doing once I got to hit her with the dragon’s tail.

I must have appeared so confident and happy with myself that Skadi actually seemed to become a little apprehensive in exactly the right way. Never mind I had never used one on someone in my life. How hard could it be? I knew what it was supposed to feel like getting hit by it – surely if I just channeled that it’d be fine?

When it was time for Skadi to receive her 29 strokes, I watched the others give it a go while Skadi seemingly groaned in pain, but was coping with it very well.

I tried to gain some last minute confidence by turning to Mistress for guidance and she said I should definitely just go with using the dragon’s tail.

Observing Skadi’s response to getting hit, prior to me holding the dragon’s tail reassured me and gave me a good idea of how hard I could try and strike.

In total, I believe I hit her five times and last one was the best.

Right after the last hit, she turned around and exclaimed in disbelief “Was that you?!” followed by “…can we do more of that?”

I would have actually loved to continue but didn’t want to disturb the full scene – everyone needed to have a go after all. But the desire to hit Skadi and to actually make it hurt was so strong – Not because I genuinely wanted to hurt her but because I know how much she enjoys getting hit, and because she absolutely deserved to receive pay back from me!

This was probably the first time I actually felt some sort of dominant / sadistic desire and I have to say, it was a lot of fun.

Seeing my Mistress deliver 10 strokes with the leather cane afterwards was really hot, knowing Mistress really wanted to hit her and Skadi really wanting to receive it.

Xx Mila

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