At an Angle

At an Angle

It’s during attempts like this in which I wish I had a photographer and a better location!
My other attempts (of which 4 others made the cut only) can be found on Onlyfans here with and without heels.

My favourite Sinful Sunday pictures from last week:

The Power of Three by Knkstriped
I was taken by the idea of this, capturing yourself threefold! I like how each different version shows us a different body part. It’s kind of like being able to see her in 3D, a little bit anyway. I like the black and white edit and where the frame cuts off halfway down her second boob!

Trace by Beck Noire
I like how this picture is ‘upside down’ which strengthens the effect of her lying down. I love that her fingers trace along her sternum, moving her lingerie ever so slightly and revealing the most suggestive opening without showing anything. Her gaze in the camera finishes this image and again, the black and white edit is great.

Everything by FlossDoesLife
Bath pictures are so hot. These particular pictures are so suggestive and a tease. I like the glow of the water on her skin and the parts of her body she chooses to show us here. The soap makes me long for that warm bath and once more, black and white!

Check out other people’s entries this week by clicking on the lips below!


Sinful Sunday

27 Replies to “At an Angle”

  1. askmefast

    I was just saying yesterday how critical we can be with self portraits . This is a great capture of desire and submission. It does not seem to me posed in the slightest.

  2. Floss

    This is such a great picture, you capture such an awesome pose and thank you very much for the shout out for my image from last week xxx

  3. PurpleSole

    It is a very elegant pose, I’m sure theres many people put there that would love to photograph you, would make it a lot easier for you too.

  4. becknoire

    Thank you for your comment about my image last week. I appreciate it! As for your entry this week, it is completely stunning. It might be your best angle!

  5. Molly

    Gosh, this is so incredibly hot.

    And my photography advice is by a tripod from amazon and your phone should have a timer setting on your phone/camera


  6. collaredmichael

    I love this image. A fabulous angle of a beautiful body. And the icing on the cake (for me) is that wee bit of kitty showing proudly. That really makes Angus take note.

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