A New Name

As you all know, the ML in my name stood for Marie Louise. Back when I started my dynamic with Lois/Philip, he wanted to give me a slave name and that’s where Marie Louise came from. I never quite liked the name because it’s so long and people only tend to use Marie, which never felt quite like me. I’ve been thinking about a new name for a while and I’ve finally found one.

To distance myself further from Philip, and out of my own desire for a different name, I’m going to use the name Mila from now on. Please either call me Mila or ML, but no longer Marie Louise. It will take me some time to edit all my published posts but soon enough, Marie Louise will be gone.

Xx Mila


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  1. SwirlingFire

    Well done for taking your “self” back. I wonder if erasing your “old name” from previous blogs is something to think about. There’s no hurry?
    I changed my former @ name because of the unsolicited dm & TL abuse I used to receive from the double numbers of women

  2. minnie

    Hello Mila! What a great name.
    I never knew what ML stood for before, but I always read it as Master’s Little… clearly I was protecting from my own world. Lol!

  3. ademetosAdemetos

    Funny, I always thought you’d “borrowed” the name from Marie Louise Wrightson, who is a well-known Glasgow artist. Anyway the new name is lovely and definitely suits you better. It gives you a slightly exotic, mysterious air that you definitely deserve!


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