Seeing Me at my Most Intimate

A lot of people are embarrassed to be naked, which stems from being told that we need to safeguard our private parts from a young age. It’s not strange that this is taught because at some point people started invading other people’s privacy to satisfy their lust (non-consensually, obviously). As a result, however, there’s quite a bit of shame around nudity. Pleasure in Exposure I always imagined that if a Domme told me to undress in front of her I’d Continue Reading →

Wednesday Nipples

Tuesday Rope | Thursday Belly Button Content warning: Needles “I would very much appreciate an artistic photo of a body part: Wednesday nipples.” For these pictures, I thought of using nipple clamps but it seemed a bit cliche to use nipple clamps for nipples. I don’t know why as they’re literally just designed for nipples, but hey; It didn’t feel creative enough and a bit boring. I thought of making a circle of needles around my nipple but I made Continue Reading →

Tie me up Tuesday #11: Heel Tie

Safety first: Before tying anything, please read over the safety tips rope bondage site The Dutchy has provided. Always have a pair of scissors at hand in case you or your partner have to get out of the rope as quickly as possible! Ok, so, bondage. Last week Our butts looked amazing!! Check them all out here. New Prompt & Instructions: Heel Tie or Foot Harness Heel Tie I don’t think we need a tie like this perse, as we all tend Continue Reading →

Part 1: Fun on the Train

Previous Post | Next Post (To read this full post with the pictures, subscribe to my Onlyfans here.) It’d been about a month and a half since Lois and I had the conversation in which our dynamic ended. She’d said hi a few times to see how I was doing, but that’d been all.  I had just spent my day with a friend on the other side of the country and was about to reach the train station when my Continue Reading →