Booty in a Bind

I’ve been making a habit of doing the Tie me up Tuesday prompts pretty last minute so I thought I’d do better this time. As I usually waste my entire morning with waking up I decided to do it straight after getting up. The added benefit of this was that I didn’t have to dress only to undress later in the day. If there’s one thing I dislike it’s having to take off my clothes because it’s cold. I can’t Continue Reading →

Monday Collarbone

Previous: Week of Erotic Art | Next: Tuesday Rope “I would very much appreciate an artistic photo of a body part: Monday collarbone.” I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with the collarbone. I had never thought of specifically photographing that detail and was a bit clueless as to what props I could use. I wondered if props were necessary as my collarbones come out rather defined but it seemed so naked without. I thought about how I had decorated Continue Reading →

Task 23: Week of Erotic Art

Previous Task | Monday Collarbone This task took place before Roxy was over for the weekend. You can read about that here. Because of the pandemic, Roxy started a new job out of necessity. After the first week, it was pretty clear that it’s not a job she particularly enjoys and so I thought I could perhaps improve her week by doing something with rope or something else for her. I suggested it and she seemed more than happy to Continue Reading →

No longer my Mistress Lois

Previous Post | Next Post (Reminder that my posts about Lois are a re-telling and took place over a year ago) In my messages to Lois during her absence, I had started spiralling some more. Like I mentioned in the previous post, uni had broken up, football had stopped, I didn’t have access to therapy or MH help, and I was working in housekeeping full time and god, that was sucking my soul out. Additionally, my ‘friend’ only wanted to Continue Reading →

Round the Neighbourhood, Half Naked with a Bottle of Pee

Previous Post | Next Post Content warning: self-harm and suicidal thoughts There were two weeks between when we tried out the inflatable butt plug, and Lois’ next message. In her message she apologised, saying it was a really busy time at work and that it would stay like this for a while longer and hoped that all was well with me. Two weeks later she sent me another message, apologising again and said that work was crazy. She said that Continue Reading →

Tie me up Tuesday #10: Booty Bondage

Safety first: Before tying anything, please read over the safety tips rope bondage site The Dutchy has provided. Always have a pair of scissors at hand in case you or your partner have to get out of the rope as quickly as possible! Ok, so, bondage. Last week Thank you all for participating in with the fun! There’s just something about the head cage that’s rather sexy, somehow! Check out all of our creations here. New Prompt & Instructions I think Continue Reading →

Head Cage

This time’s Tie me up Tuesday prompt was the head cage and while I thought this one would be fairly simple it was an absolute pain to tie the double coin knot. I think I only managed to get it on my tenth go, but after that, it was really easy to do the second one. The head cage itself then was rather simple, though also a pain to get it onto me. I cheated with the final knot behind Continue Reading →

A Professional Submissive?

When I started doing caning clips the only thing I had to worry about was being on blood thinners (which is perhaps quite a lot to worry about? lol) but I didn’t have to worry about my bruises and how they’d have to heal if I wanted to play with someone else. Back in January, I wrote about my fondness of marks as they can serve as a visible reminder of intimate play. I’d never really had many bruises since impact Continue Reading →

Slave Mistress Weekend: Saturday

Previous Post | Next Post I woke up at 9 am by my alarm and got up to have my own breakfast before preparing hers. I didn’t really need an hour though it was nice to take it slow as I was rather sleepy. I waited in the kitchen until the 09:59 on my phone changed to 10:00 and pushed the door open ever so uncertainly. I hate waking people because I don’t want to disturb them but when I Continue Reading →

Slave Mistress Weekend: Friday

Last weekend, my Mistress came over for the first time. After reading the initial post I know you’re all dying to read how it went and I can tell you it was really nice. It’s hard for me to comprehend or explain but it made me feel so much like myself. On Sunday on our way to the bus stop, Roxy said she’s interested to see what I’ll write too, so here goes. I’ve split it in three parts because Continue Reading →

Casual Sunday

This is from one or two weeks ago and perhaps it wasn’t even taken on a Sunday. This was the third time I put a needle through my nipple but the first time I did in my left one. I think this will be the last time as I captured it on pictures (see my Onlyfans) and camera (see my Clips4Sale) and my next will be when I get nipple piercings. Xx Marie Louise

My Mistress is Coming Over

If you’re in Scotland, you’re probably aware that we get to meet people indoors again. I also still happen to live alone for a limited amount of time so what better way to spend it than with a Mistress? Well, for the weekend anyway, Roxy is coming over. When you read this she will have already arrived (Friday evening) and so this is a scheduled post because I’ll probably be erm, busy, or something. Last weekend I don’t think I believe Continue Reading →

You’ll Obey when I tell you to Insert It

Previous Post | Next Post When Lois told me to get two new toys (an inflatable butt plug and a remote control vibrator) I was equally excited and a little scared. I was impatient over the delivery time, excited when they arrived and when Lois came online and asked me if I was indeed excitement, I wasn’t so sure anymore. Instead, I was afraid of it not working out. By that I meant that I was afraid I wouldn’t be able Continue Reading →

Tie me up Tuesday #9: Head Cage

Safety first: Before tying anything, please read over the safety tips rope bondage site The Dutchy has provided. Always have a pair of scissors at hand in case you or your partner have to get out of the rope as quickly as possible! Ok, so, bondage. Last week We are all shining bright like stars! Check all entries out here. New Prompt & Instructions When I saw … picture, I kind of longed to feel this tie myself. So when I Continue Reading →

Task 22: Snappy Erotic Video

Previous Task | Next Task “Make a one-minute snappy erotic film where the focus is on your emotion and the aesthetic. I remember a friend who used to work on gay porn say to me ‘ the story is told through people’s bodies in porn…well good porn anyway.’ And that’s true, how you channel that is up to you.” Another Video… I haven’t been enjoying the tasks of making videos in that I’m feeling the pressure to make something good Continue Reading →

Traveller in the Dark

“Then the traveller in the dark, thanks for your tiny spark” Over the weekend I took a few different pictures with different themes for Roxy, about which I’ll write soon but as this particular one happened to coincide with Tie me up Tuesday, I’m posting these pictures now. I have a new purple rope, which is a lot thinner but appears to be of better quality. I was rather lucky that my body is small enough to only need the Continue Reading →